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When it comes to coloring your hair, there is actually a great deal of chemistry that goes on within each strand - even if you can’t see it.  The history of your hair is extremely vital and can be crucial in choosing a method to achieve a new look. Unlike your browser history, no one can delete what’s been done to hair in the past – so the client consultation is critical before starting the color process. This will help cut down on damage and undue stress to the hair. Another way is through using the proper products to get the job done – like Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside.

It is safe to say that there is a lot going on below the cuticle that you and your clients might not know of – from the bonds that make up the inside of the hair strands to the cortex where natural hair color is formed. Educating your clients about what makes up the hair and why we must take special care with it will only strengthen the bond between you!

What’s In A Strand

Each strand of your hair is made up of Keratin, a protein structure. It is comprised of the medulla – the innermost core, the cortex – middle ground between the medulla and cuticle, and the cuticle – the outer protective layer. We are most familiar with the cuticle because that is usually the part of hair that we can see and discuss with clients most often. When you dye hair, the formula lifts up your cuticle layer and penetrates the cortex to either deposit color (dying) or lift color (bleaching). 

What Are Bonds & Why They Matter

The disulfide bonds within each strand are the ones that are broken each time natural hair color is lifted and artificial color is then deposited, giving you a new shade. In recent times, innovation in hair color has allowed us to achieve better shades, quicker and with less damage. The key to this lies in the bonds and the products used to protect them.

Bond Protectors

The addition of bond protectors to routines, color and lightener formulations give the strand a fighting chance from the inside out. Each time hair is colored – whether a single process or with a lightener – the cuticle is lifted, exposing the cores and bonds within the hair. Bond protectors act as mighty defense systems that work their magic every time the cuticle is lifted to protect your stands.

To close the gap between time and results, Redken created Flash Lift Bonder Inside – a revolutionary bleach lightener that already has the bond protector within the formula. It allows clients to achieve up to 8 levels of lift without the need to reformulate or bump the developer. While it lifts, it is also actively guarding the structure of the hair and the integrity of the bonds.

Strong bonds within the hair result in stronger, healthier, shinier color – care for them from the application to the finished style and each day with Redken’s pH Bonder #1 Bond Protecting Additive and #2 Fiber Restorative Pre-Wash Concentrate and Flash Lift Bonder Inside!

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