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Tis the season for good hair days and great gifts! Although unsure of what the holiday season will look like this year, preparing your salon and staff is key to a successful end to 2020. From avoiding holiday burn out to keeping clients safe and satisfied, keep reading for a few of our top salon strategy tips for the busy holiday season. 

Don't Overbook 

While many salons have already cut down on services and capacity, it is especially important around this time of year to keep a buffer between services. Naturally, we want to meet our client's needs and fit in as many of them as possible, however, overcommitting to a tight schedule can stress staff, cause delays, and even unhappy clients. To ensure things run smoothly, be sure to stay on top of booking reminders through social media, email, text or phone calls and remain flexible on cancellation policies.

Treat Yourself & Your Staff

While taking care of others, many stylists overlook their own needs during this time of year. Instead of working to exhaustion, slow down and make sure you’re well-rested, happy, and most importantly healthy. If your salon usually opts for a holiday party around this time of year, it might be a better idea to send your staff home with an extra special gift or holiday bonus instead. Investing in quiet time can help you recenter and feel more able to take on a busy day.

Gift Packages To Go

Focusing on product sales during the holidays is a great way to add a little extra to your book. Work with your salon to create prepackaged sets of the best selling full or travel-sized and make sure they’re wrapped up and ready to go. Additionally, to ensure a quick and easy checkout, consider asking your client during the appointment confirmation if there are any products or gift packs you can have ready to go for them. 

Set The Tone

From orders to appointments, there is always rushed energy during this time of year and this season will be no exception. Come up with lists, check-in with staff often, and be sure to take adequate breaks for meals and rest. It's a great idea to employ an extra assistant or front desk staff to lend a helping hand when you need it. Most importantly, if you’re calm, cool and collected, those around you will be as well!