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Miuccia Prada is without a doubt a trendsetter. Creating new and powerful movements is her m.o. and this season was no exception. Creating contrasting palettes of panache was on the roster; mixing styles, fabrics, cuts, and textures to create a style all its own. As Vogue put it, this was her own “diverse eclecticism.”

When it came to the hair, Guido worked his magic by creating a worn-in look that had a tomboy charm, the perfect compliment to the clothes. “We’re here at Prada” Guido Palau Redken Global Creative Director says, “The look is sort of a worn-in ponytail with bangs falling out. We were looking at animation, how they have wispy pieces and short pieces around the ear. It should feel boyish, a bit cartoony. The cut around the ears instantly gives the girls a tomboyish quality. It’s the girl of today who’s feeling boyish – disheveled and nonchalant.”


  1. Starting with natural, dry hair, create a low side part with fingers. 

  2. Use Redken Wax Blast 10 for added texture, softly spraying it on top of the head and through the 
lengths and ends. 

  3. Use fingers to create a piecy fringe, swooping bangs across the forehead to the right side. Pull 
sideburn pieces forward to emphasize around the ear. 

  4. Gather lengths into a ponytail and secure with a black elastic. 

  5. Use Redken Forceful 23 to tame flyaways and finish the look. Spray Redken Wax Blast 10 into 
ponytail lengths for additional texture. 



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