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So over 2017? Why not welcome the new year with a new look? New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to play around with a fresh hair color. But don’t even think about making the move on a whim. Read on to learn how to get your locks primed and ready for their New Year’s Eve debut.

The Prep

Before changing up your color, it’s best to have a consultation with your stylist to see if there are any prep steps to take beforehand. If you’re highlighting your hair, make your appointment now before your stylist books up and stock up on color-safe shampoo and conditioner to extend the life of your new hue.

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If you plan on taking a walk on the wild side with a pastel or vibrant shade, talk to your stylist about pre-lightening now in order to get your hair ready for coloring. Also, schedule a touch-up appointment a couple of days before NYE to ensure your hair looks fresh for your night out.

The Outfit

If you’re planning on changing up your look with a new hair color, pick out something that will help showcase your locks. An LBD looks understated yet chic, allowing your hair color to take center stage, while a sequined dress promises to draw attention to your multi-dimensional strands.

The Makeup

Makeup should be the finishing touch to your new look. If you’re rocking a bold shade, it’s best to stick with muted colors. Think: a soft brown smokey eye and a nude lip. If you’re sporting more natural-looking locks, play around with a vibrant lip color or shimmery jewel-tone or metallic lids.

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