Color Extend Conditioner

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for color treated hair


Conditioner for color treated hair that protects against haircolor fading.

Conditioner for color treated hair that helps with color retention, offers anti-fade protection, maximizes color vibrancy and strengthens hair.

How to Use

Use daily after shampooing with Color Extend Shampoo For a more intensive weekly treatment, use Color Extend Rich Recovery


  • Detangles and protects against color fading caused by frequent washing

  • Provides a vibrant, shiny finish

  • Repels UVA/UVB rays and other environmental aggressors to optimize color durability and retention

Key Ingredients


FADE RESIST COMPLEX - Unsurpassed color protection and retention with micro-net and UV filters that lock in color and lock out color-fading aggressors.

MICRO-NET - Helps retain color.

UVA AND UVB FILTERS - Offers anti-fade protection.

CRANBERRY OIL - Moisturizes and conditions hair.

CERAMIDE - Strengthens the hair fiber to prevent breakage.


Micro-Net, UVA and UVB Filters, Cranberry Oil, Ceramide