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At some point in time, everyone’s hair loses its pigment and turns gray or white. And, as trends go, it’s never been more chic to embrace your natural tones and go gray gracefully. If we look at the numbers, 64% of women have some gray hair and 42% of them do not color to conceal grays.* This means clients are looking at new ways to handle this transformation. *Based on the U.S. CMI Haircolor Market Study 2023.

Whether you are adding a touch of platinum to your blonde or enhancing your natural silver — celebrating all shades of gray is possible with Redken’s new Shades EQ Silver Strong collection. A collection of 10 shades that gives the stylist endless possibilities to blend, tone, or enhance gray hair for strong silver results.

Including Redken Shades EQ in 010T, 09T, 08T, 07T, 010P, 09P, 07P, 08GN, 06GN, and 04ABn, the Silver Strong collection can help you behind the chair whether you’re blending for a gradual progression, neutralizing unwanted tones, embracing grays with full effect or enhancing what your client’s already got.

Embracing Your Gray Hair


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As a fashion color, gray hair might not be for everyone, but as a lifestyle choice — this low-maintenance trend is something most of us can get behind. It seems as though the new generation has reached a point where gray hair is finally something to be coveted not covered.

Some of us will see gray hairs in a patch, or a few scattered throughout, while others get a great deal of grays and early. While genetics are the driving factor, everything from stress to hormonal and health changes can have an impact.

While the decision is ultimately up to each individual, the choice to embrace your hair as it turns gray is a powerful thing — it can also be a hard transition. You may choose to blend it with highlights and lowlights or a translucent gloss or simply see what happens. Whichever path you choose, there are some great tips to keep your hair looking it’s best no matter what shade you decide on.

Tips to Enhance Gray Hair

The thing about gray hair is that it isn’t just about the loss of color, gray hair can also lose strength, shine and condition. For this reason, looking after the health of your hair is just as important as the tone.

Starting with the tone, by adding a touch of Pearl, Titanium, Green Natural or Ash Brown by way of Redken Shades EQ Silver Strong Collection.

The Redken Shades EQ Silver Strong Collection


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  • Pearl (010P, 09P, or 07P) — has a blue/violet finish meaning you can effectively tune out unwanted brass or yellowing to create a soft, neutral tone that is never too warm or too cool.
  • Titanium (010T, 09T, 08T or 07T) — has silver/blue undertones that can be used as a global gloss or with lowlights to cancel out warm orange tones or create a strong silver finish while also improving the hair’s shine.
  • Green Natural (08GN or 06GN) — is ideal when lifting previously colored hair with deep tones. The green/yellow undertones cancel out red undertones to create a cool effect with a natural feel.
  • Ash Brown (04ABn) — ideal to create lowlights and an ultra cool finish, this blue/pearl finish creates depth without feeling flat.


Improving Shine and Condition at Home

Once the tone is perfected, concentrate on improving shine and condition with home care. Just like all color-treated hair, strands should be enhanced with bond-building protection to enhance strength, conditioning formulas to improve softness and anytime you can add a high dose of shine — reach for that.

For strength and resilience: Acidic Bonding Concentrate

The Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate system improves hair immediately and over time. With a range of in-salon treatments and home care must-haves, Acidic Bonding Concentrate adds bond-building strength with Redken Bonding Care Complex which delivers intense condition, color fade protection, and smoother strands for all hair types. 

For Supreme Shine and Color Longevity: Acidic Color Gloss

With glass-like shine that lasts for 3 days* and Color vibrancy for up to 32 washes**, this range creates intense, molecular-level shine for +76% shinier hair***, plus the ultra-acidic pH formulas seal the cuticle and protect hair from damage and prevent color from fading. * Based on consumer test, Acidic Color Gloss Glass Gloss Treatment** System of Acidic Color Gloss Shampoo & Conditioner ***Acidic Color Gloss shampoo + Glass Gloss treatment vs. unwashed color treated hair