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David Stanko, Redken Educator and sought after colorist worldwide, discusses Blonde Coverage and gives you the tips and techniques needed to conquer a plethora of color situations.

Although sometimes unavoidable, there are countless reasons to never DIY dye. To name a few: the risk associated with achieving the right color, damaging your hair beyond repair, and the inability to correct the color. As a stylist, when dealing with a color correction, is it imporatant to use the most conditioning products possible for the desired results. In this COLORIST CONFESSION David is correcting the color of a client who travels often and doesn't always have the ability to see him regularly for color.  He shares his secrets to undo this DIY in the least damaging way possibe...


"Blonde Idol Blonde Dimensions is a conditioning lightener that I love, and it’s the best for lightening 3-4 levels. I prefer to use an applicator bottle, even though it can get messy, because it’s a fast and efficient way to get the job done. Be quick and organized, stay away from Zone 1 and apply it to the areas that need the most lightening first. If needed, you can fine-tune with a Shades EQ glaze – ideal for corrective work! "
-David Stanko


Melissa is a Natural Level 4 with 90% gray in the front and 50% gray throughout the rest of her hair. She’s a frequent global traveler, and as a result, often ends up covering her gray in another country. This means she uses box color until her next visit. The challenge: Her overall color is 1-2 levels too dark, and she loses all dimension and highlight.


Mix 1 part Blonde Idol Blonde Dimensions + 3 parts warm water in an applicator bottle and shake vigorously. Apply to dark areas only—usually Zones 2 & 3. Process for up to 10 minutes. Then shampoo, condition, power-dry and continue with the retouch.

1 oz. 5NW Cappucino Color Gels + 1 oz. 6NW Brandy Color Gels + 2 oz. Color Gels Developer 


1 oz. 09N Café Au Lait Shades EQ Gloss
1 oz. 09G Vanilla Crème Shades EQ Gloss
2 oz. Shades EQ Processing Solution


In this 8 part series you’ll hear COLORIST CONFESSIONS for all types of shades and scenarios. If you missed part one: "Endless Summer", part two: "High Drama Highlights", or part three: "Gray Be Gone" - check the series out here! & be sure to stalk Redken to see when part five - "Blondaholic Remedy" arrives. 

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