8aa48f2f6c6b6c8320b6 braided bun style tutorial


Braids are popping up everywhere we turn, whether on the runway or simply on the sidewalk, which was my inspiration behind this look. I love the fact that buns are coming back as well, so I combined these chic accents to create this braided bun; a style that is perfect for anytime of year and occasion.  




Step 1.     Apply Redken Full Frame 07 throughout the hair for texture and hold 


Step 2.     Using a directional blow dry and a Tearsheet vent brush, brush the front section back towards the crown, and the sides and back up to the crown, to make for a smooth surface for your bun. 


Step 3.     Take three partings and braid each section using Redken Braid Aid to smooth flyaways and create a clean braid. After you’re done braiding, fasten with an elastic band at the end as close to the scalp as possible.


Step 4.    Using the Tearsheet finishing brush, gather all the hair into a ponytail, secure with an elastic band, wrap the hair into a circular motion and pin down using a few grip pins to secure.


Step 5.    Finish up the set by pulling a few hairs out around the hairline, giving the style a more lived-in look, then spray with Redken Fashion Work 12 for a soft hold.



For even more style tutorials and inspiration be sure to stalk Evie Rivera-Peterson on Bangstyle and Redken to see their latest looks!



Model/  Elizebeth 

Hair/  Evie Rivera-Peterson 

Photo/ Jesus Baez 

 Make-up/ Mary Davana 

Wardrobe/ Colleen McCann 

On set with Tearsheets