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It’s bouncy, it’s fresh, and it doesn’t sacrifice any length — these are just a few of the reasons why the butterfly cut has become the standout haircut of the year.

While we are all creatures of habit, we do also crave change, just not too much at once. Some of us are brave enough to do a big chop or test out a bold color, many of us only want slight updates to our styles. This is exactly why the butterfly cut continues to trend.

The Butterfly Cut Hair Trend

The butterfly cut is a haircut that was inspired by a bang trend. Originally the butterfly cut bang trend showcased a heavily layered bang that fell longer than a curtain bang but had just as much impact. It allowed you to enjoy the benefits of a fringe without the impossible growing out. The butterfly cut is similar to this in that it gives you shape and layers without taking away your length.

The butterfly cut features layers that fall primarily around the chin and below the shoulders and can also be coupled with a butterfly fringe as well. Because of how many layers there are, the cut is ideal for thicker or denser hair types. However, with the right styling and finishing products, anyone can wear the look.

Why You'll Love It

While we love this look on natural texture or smoothly blow-dried, we also love the cut coupled with a ponytail or other up-styles because of the ability to pull down plenty of peek-a-boo pieces and create a softened face frame. Many are dubbing this look the "Refreshed Rachel” or a modern 90s cut, and we love it for its ability to add volume, shape, and interest to any style.

How To Get the Look

While the Butterfly Cut looks amazing with natural texture, we love to pair the cut with a smooth blow-dry and minimal bends to show off the layers. For best results, you’ll want to invest in a heat protectant, a hairspray, and a texturizer. (The texturizer is especially key for thinner/finer hair types looking to add movement).


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Products To Style the Look

Thermal Spray Low Hold

Brushable Hairspray

Dry Texture Spray