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How your curls react to the change in seasons depends on a few factors. While it mainly comes down to your natural texture and the finished look you’re after, things like humidity, heat, and lifestyle habits make up much of the rest. As we brace for the salt, sun, chlorine, styling and various temperatures, set your curls up for success with a few of our expert-approved tips.

Summer Curl Care Tips

Start By Addressing Hydration & Moisture

While hydration and moisture might sound like the same thing, in regards to your hair — hydration is the amount of water retained inside each hair strand, while moisture has to do with oil on the cuticle layer and regulating moisture moving in and out of the hair. Curly and coily hair can be dryer than other hair types, so recognizing the need for hydration and/or moisture is key. To maintain moisture, look for a sulfate-free shampoo. Redken All Soft Mega Curls Shampoo is sulfate-free and gently cleanses the hair while providing intense nourishment and softness to severely dry, curls and coils*. This is an excellent swap for summer when hair washing usually becomes more frequent.

Condition Consciously

Whether you co-wash or use deep conditioning treatments, always apply conditioners and leave-ins to your hair with purpose. This means using products from a system that works together, like Redken All Soft Mega Curls. Follow your shampoo with Redken All Soft Mega Curls Conditioner to nourish and gently detangle curls and coils. With improved manageability, you’ll also notice more definition, and reduced frizz, added softness and shine for up to 72 hours**.

Choose Products Specifically for Your Hair Type

If you had fine hair, you wouldn’t apply a heavy mask before attempting a voluminous blowout, right? The same principle applies when caring for and styling your curls. Choose products that nourish and enhance your texture pattern. Sticking with hydrating formulas to improve the shape and finish, Redken All Soft Mega Curls Hydramelt is a leave-in conditioner that nourishes dry curls and coils and defines hair with a shine that lasts up to 72 hours**. Use this leave-in on freshly washed hair or refresh and re-activate curl patterns when needed. This treatment leaves curls looking visibly healthier and less damaged in an instant!

*based on consumer test when using full All Soft Mega Curls system, N=75

**based on consumer testing results when using full bundle of All Soft Mega Curls Shampoo, Conditioner, and HydraMelt