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There are no words to express the cloak of sadness that swept over fashion month as the news of Karl Lagerfeld’s passing came to light.  A shock so riveting to the fashion world that only the enchantment of his vision could lift the clout. His final shows for Fendi and Chanel were exactly what his devoted following needed – so classic it was almost hard to watch.  The rest of Paris Fashion Week was equally as moving. A prominent theme seen throughout designers both seasoned and new was that of sustainability, a movement Stella McCartney has been championing for years. 

More demure looks took the runway for women as it became more about showing off a woman and less about showing off her body. With strong shoulders, menswear influences and high necks, shapes, and silhouettes were key. Curious about the beauty? Keep reading to see the latest styles we’re about to see everywhere this season!



Earlier this year, Dior brought back their iconic saddlebag and now they’re bringing the 90s back with a stand out bucket hat. This season Maria Grazia Chiuri sends empowering designs down the runway as Teddy Girls take over. This not so subtle sub culture theme takes on an Edwardian vibe that was known as a movement that sparked change, androgynous style, and a hardworking new class. Due to the fact that the hat was such a prevalent accessory, hair was made smooth and sleek and pulled back into a ponytail.

“Because Dior has a luxeness to it, the ponytail you can see behind the hat is being blow dried out. I’m using Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame in the blow dry to protect and smooth the hair, then using an iron in the hair to create a natural texture. The show is about the bucket hat, so the ponytail is a way of containing it and giving it some ease at the back. Then I’m using a little bit of Triple Dry 15 in the ponytail to texturize it and add a bit of realness.” – Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau


  1. Starting with clean, freshly washed hair, apply Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame into damp hair and blow dry.
  2. Create a messy center part with fingers and smooth hair back into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic.
  3. Take a small section of hair out of the ponytail length and wrap around the elastic to cover, securing with Redken Forceful 23.
  4. Use a medium barrel curling iron to add texture back into the length of the ponytail and the finish with a spritz of Redken Triple Dry 15.



The boyish charm continues at Givenchy with power shoulders, perfectly tailored suits and trenches juxtaposed with softer silhouettes of micro-pleated dresses and puffers. Claire Waight Keller’s show deemed the “winter of Eden” might not be what the name suggests, but it certainly showcased Keller’s expert ability in creating bespoke pieces. She has been seen in the spotlight lately for her celebrity styling and Red Carpet knockout pieces – a hint of this sparkle was seen in her latest collection, something we think we’ll definitely see more of!

Extreme side parts and wispy bangs were seen on both men and women creating androgynous harmony. “The hair at Givenchy is a little boyish ponytail with a deep side part,” says Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau. “I’m using Satinwear in the blow out then pulling little bits out in the lineup so it feels a bit disheveled. We’ve got few boyish cuts on the boys’ hair too – it’s a masculine and feminine kind of vibe. My key product is Triple Dry 15, which I spray into the hair to texturize it and soften the look while still keeping a boyish strength.” Keep reading to see just how to get the style!


  1. Starting with clean, freshly washed hair, apply Redken Satinwear 04 into damp hair. Blow dry.
  2. Use fingers to create a messy side part, working from the far left to right side of the face.
  3. Spritz Redken Triple Dry 15 into the lengths for added texture, and then pull back hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Secure with an elastic.
  4. Around the front hairline, pull a few pieces loose to soften the look and finish with Redken Triple Dry 15.



Extreme bucket hats continued at Valentino with a more 70s take on the trend. Mod shapes, lushly printed fabrics and bold colors took the helm as baby hairs peeked through classic up styles. Sheer eveningwear with layers upon layers of ruffles and floral prints upon floral appliqué were everywhere as glamour took center stage. Pierpaolo Piccioli has officially influenced a new season of volume and glamour, all while creating a community for the people who make up the brand.

While the grand scheme was dramatic, there was also a level of detail that was like none other. With powerful sayings such as “The people you love become ghosts inside of you and like this, you keep them alive,” were scattered across the stage to small sayings and meanings embroidered deep within clothes that were like a small treat only the bearer of the garment knew was there.

“We’re backstage at the super glamorous Valentino show. The look is a super 1970s chignon, blow dried with Satinwear and tied into a knot at the back of the head. I’m leaving a veil of hair in the front and using my new favorite Triple Dry 15 to texturize and separate those wispy bits. The inspiration was a 70s bourgeois girl.” – Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau


  1. Starting with clean, freshly washed hair, apply Redken Satinwear 04 into damp hair.
  2. Take a small section of hair around the front hairline and blow dry flat forward down on the face. Blow dry the rest of the hair back away from the front hairline.
  3. Secure the bulk of the hair in a ponytail in the middle of the head just above the ears.
  4. Apply Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame in the length of the ponytail to smooth the hair.
  5. Wrap the ponytail into a circular chignon and secure with a hair net.
  6. Spritz Redken Triple Dry 15 into the loose hairs around the front hairline for added texture.



Miuccia Prada’s AW 2019 Miu Miu collection was bewitching and protective. The highlight of this dark and twisty collection was the cape – with the current social climate it was seen as one part protection, one part superhero-esque.  Thigh-high tights and floral appliqué was mixed with knits and camo on stage – turning the everyday woman into a serious warrior. Hair was not only high and low but color was light and dark thanks to Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau and Redken Global Color Creative Director Josh Wood.

“The Miu Miu concept is a little witchy – we’ve got long extensions, short black cuts – carrying on from Prada almost like a younger sister. Not as sophisticated as Prada but still with that dark romance. My key product is Forceful 23. I’m layering that underneath the hair so it really sticks to the head and gives me a very strong, graphic shape.” – Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau

“We’ve worked on sixteen models over three days for the Miu Miu show, using a mix of hand-colored hair extensions and extreme hair transformations. We used exclusively black or blonde tones with nothing in between. Hair was loose, free, and cool; simplistic styling but very strong colors.” – Redken Global Color Creative Director Josh Wood


  1. Start with clean, freshly washed hair using Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. Working around the shape of the head section by section, heavily spray Redken Forceful 23 from root to mid-lengths keeping the shape flat.
  3. Leave mid-length to ends product-free to encourage the hair’s natural movement.



Tailoring took on a suffragette feel in Sarah Burton’s show for Paris Fashion Week. She retraced her own humble footsteps living in the north of England in a post-revolutionary industrial town. The entire show was meant to feel like stepping into the chaos of a tailoring studio, as guests sat on rolls of fabric and discards of designs. Gowns and coats also took on an upcycled feel, with a weathered roughness reminiscent of the life in the mills. From simple statement pieces to grand designs, Sarah Burton’s latest collection is making a statement as a new powerhouse within the design world.

“We’re backstage at the McQueen show and the look is very boyish. We’re using Hardwear gel and Forceful 23 to create a lacquered, boyish, controlled ponytail. Then we’re taking the ponytails and binding them in leather, so they have a great fetish feel which is very McQueen.” – Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau


  1. Starting with clean, freshly washed hair, prep hair with Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. Brush hair back away from the face to emphasize a square, boyish shape.
  2. Coat a wide-tooth comb with Redken Hardwear 16 and run through the hair, back away from the face. Create a slight side part in the hair and spritz Redken Forceful 23 over the head shape to hold.
  3. Pull hair back into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, binding with a leather string down the length of the ponytail, and secure.
  4. Spray Redken Shine Flash 02 to give a high gloss finish.



Everyone was close and comfortable at the Akris 19 PFW show. The runway was set extra thin so that the audience was really able to see the details of the designs. Famous for their embroidery a black and tan dress delicately showed of their expert ability and everyone seemed to swoon. Hair was a perfectly messy-chic middle parted pony that is sure to be every It-girls staple style this season.

“The hair at Akris is a dry texture – we’re talking about Redken Global Creative Director Guido Palau. “I’m blow drying the hair in a messy middle parting and binding the ponytail about three inches to give it an equestrian effect. The texture of the hair and the dryness created by the dry shampoo gives the look an equestrian feeling.” With second-day hair and natural texture quickly becoming an everyday look, women everywhere are going to want to know how to steal the style! So keep reading to get the look.


  1. Start with damp, freshly washed hair and use fingers to create a messy center part. Blow-dry hair.
  2. Apply Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender into the roots and Redken Dry Shampoo Powder 02 into mid-lengths and ends to enhance texture in the hair.
  3. Pull hair back into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, raking fingers through to create texture around the head and leaving hair loose around the hairline.
  4. Bind and secure with an elastic string, wrapping about three inches down the length of the ponytail.
  5. Finish the look with another spritz of Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender in the length of the ponytail.

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