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If there’s one thing everyone has been looking forward to this year, it’s summer vacation! Whether you’re able to hop on a plane or are road tripping to your next destination, once you’ve got your PTO requests in it’s time to start the packing process. With a few key staples, you and your hair will be able to enjoy the time off in style.

Pack Smart

Spills happen, but they don’t need to worry your entire vacation. Prepare for any chance of leakage by investing in travel-size products or air-tight travel containers that will keep your products and your clothes safe and sound.

Bring More Than A Few Necessities 

While packing light has its advantages, bringing a few extra products will actually save you time (and sanity) in the long run. Unless you know exactly what kind of shampoo and conditioner the place you’re staying stocks, always bring your own or it could be disastrous. Having a shampoo that can clear away dirt, oil and debris followed by a nourishing conditioner will cut down on the chance of post-swim tangles and frizz. 

Find Your Hero

There are a few do-it-all products that you should never leave home without. One of those is a solid serum or oil. Due to its concentration, you can get a great deal of impact with just a few drops. Additionally, it has a great deal of versatility because it can be used on hair when air-drying or blow-drying. 

Pack A Pillowcase

Although it might seem a little extra, bringing your own pillowcase (preferably silk or satin) can cut down on friction when sleeping, leading to a better style throughout your stay. From a difference in water to humidity, having your own products + pillowcase creates consistency and familiarity in your travel routine. Plus it can pack down fairly small and be an easy thing to stash in your luggage. 

Our Favorite Home Away From Home Picks:

Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner

Designed to revitalize dry hair to impart shine, moisture, and manageability. This duo will wash away the day while leaving hair silky, shiny, and supple. 


Redken All Soft Argan-6 Hair Oil

Enriched with Omega-6, a few drops of this oil will enrich each strand with nourishment and shine while cutting down on damage during heat styling. 

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