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Spring is the perfect time to reinvent your look. Fashion Week is taking place around the globe and new ideas for haircuts and hairstyles are popping into your Instagram feed faster than you know it. Heading into the warmer months means sprucing up your topknots and trying out new styles for Prom, Wedding’s, or other special events. In this tutorial Redken Artist Shannon VanFleet shows us how to get a simple yet sophisticated half-upstyle perfect for any occasion.   



  1. Starting with clean, air-dried hair, apply Redken Guts 10 to roots and direct upwards with warm airflow and medium tension to create lift at the scalp.
  2. Apply a humidity resistant smoothing cream with heat protection like Redken’s Rebel Tame treatment styler, and curl with a 1.5 inch iron.
  3. Add extra volume at the root with the Sam Villa Textur Iron.
  4. Lightly backcomb the crown section



  1. Loosely gather the top portion of hair and secure with a clear elastic. When we flip this through on the next step, it will change the placement of where this ponytail sets, so secure it slightly lower than where you want it to lay.
  2. Create a small opening right above the elastic and feed the ponytail through until it twists on itself.
  3. Roll the remaining lengths into a chignon and secure with hair grips above and below the base of the ponytail.
  4. End with finishing accessories of your choice. In this case, we chose fresh flowers!

To see even more inspirational styles and check out all of Shannon's work, be sure to stalk her on Bangstyle and follow her on Instagram @shannonvanfleet.