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Spring has finally started to bloom and as we look forward to more sun this summer, we can also expect new hair color trends to unfold. This season, when picking a new shade, what’s most important is finding a color that matches you as an individual. If you’re looking for a fresh new look this in spring or summer we’ve got plenty of inspiration.

Spring & Summer 2023 Hair Color Trends


@redken We love the honesty from Redken Artist @samiskinnerhair. Who else gets excited when their client wants change, but also nervous at the same time? #redkencolor #haircolorchange #copperhair original sound - Redken


Warmth is everything when it comes to hair color trends this season and what better way to upgrade blonde clients than with a stunning copper? As a gorgeous transition shade for blondes, it allows clients to experiment with their tone without the need to pre-lighten. Taking clients into red/copper territory can be tricky, but with Redken Shades EQ, the process can be gradual to ensure an ideal finished shade.

Gold Rose

@redken The perfect balance for all skin tones and hair textures. Color by Redken Artist @Colissa Nole #goldrosehair #shadeseqgloss #shadeseqformulas original sound - Redken


A deviation from the rose gold trends we’ve seen in past seasons, speaking to the Gold Rose Trend Redken Ambassador Matt Rez says, “One of my favorite blonde colors for 2023 is champagne blonde with a blend of gold and added soft rose tones. It’s a soft, neutral color with a strong emphasis on shine that resembles a glass of your favorite sparkling drink. It’s a blonde that looks good on everyone!” This tone can enhance everything from mid-brunettes to blondes, Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Gold Rose has a clear background, so it adds a hint of color and a great deal of reflection.

Bonded Blonde

@redken Power 9 Bonder Inside + Shades EQ Bonder Inside = Redken Ambassador @Philip Foresto #bonderinside #power9 #seqbonderinside #healthyhair original sound - Redken


It’s natural to go lighter in the spring and summer months. However, to get a perfect shade, the integrity of the hair needs to be looked after at all times. This is where Redken’s bond technology steps in. From the lightener (Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside) to the Gloss (Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside) to the styling (Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate) — Redken has your bonds covered at all times.

Bronzed Brunette


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A glam up for brondes or a deviation from your go-to brunette, bronzed brunette capitalizes on medium brown tones with dimension and a lit-from-within glow. Not only can this be achieved on a variety of shades, but with the latest innovation from Redken, gray coverage clients can easily get the look as well. Gray coverage doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice dimension and highlights. With new ammonia-free Redken Color Gels Oils, this liquid permanent range offers new shades for gray coverage with reparative qualities. Expect to achieve up to 100% gray coverage, hair rejuvenation, +78% shine vs. uncolored hair, and +30% condition vs. non-conditioning shampoo. This new line also contains 2% apricot oil for smoother hair and hydration.


Violet Gold

@redken Who else is in LOVE with the Violet Gold series in Shades EQ? Redken Ambassador @rachel_redd finishes off her beautiful hand painted balayage with the VG series to create a head turning tone. #shadeseq #shadeseqformula #handpaintedbalayage original sound - Redken


In a departure from the last few seasons, everyone is turning away from ash tones and looking for warmth. However, brass and warmth are two very different finishes. The beauty with Redken Shades EQ Violet Gold is that it cancels out brassiness with violet while adding the desired warmth simultaneously with gold. This formulation means brunettes can finally get the rich, warm gold tones they want without unwanted brassiness.


Cali Blonde

@redken Sometimes the biggest pops of brightness come from the maintenance appointments. Color by Australian Redken Artist Sheree Knobel at @Bixiecolour. #brightblonde #caliblonde #glossandtone #shadeseqgloss original sound - Redken


With this California-inspired blonde tone, we can wait for summer to start. Most blonde tones need a quick refresh this season — which is where a few added highlights and a fresh gloss can save the day. It’s the dimension in this surfer-chic look that allows for the blonde to stand out. This, coupled with shine, bonding, and conditioning from Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside, allows blonde tones to take off this season.


Chocolate Brunette

@redken Its just so beautiful! #shadeseqgloss #shadeseqformula #redkencolor #haircolorinspiration original sound - Redken


As Expensive Brunette and Candle-Lit Brunette color trends take over, natural brunettes are looking for ways to complement their tone. Chocolate tones allow brunettes to add a hint of lightness or dimension without completely changing their look. With a few highlights plus a gloss, Redken makes it easy to achieve the perfect Chocolate Brunette this season. Redken Shades EQ Bonder Inside Natural Chocolate tones are a perfectly balanced natural tone that create a rich, chocolate finish. As a bonus, if you’re looking for gray coverage, Natural Chocolates are also available with the Redken Cover Fusion Line to easily achieve 100% gray coverage and conditioned results.