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From cuts to color, and even the way we style, natural hair trends are being embraced all around and with the latest release from Redken, achieving a natural shade just got that much easier. 

As we look forward to warmer weather, clients are requesting natural-looking, low-maintenance hair color to match their mood. The summer months are naturally met with an increase in sunkissed shades, however, this year we’ll see the trend continue well into fall and winter. Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd) predicts that “2021 will be the year of shine! Lots of iridescent tones with gold hues.” Taking the guesswork out of achieving these tones, Redken’s NEW! Shades EQ Violet Golds family was created with the perfect pre-mix of violet and golden reflects on a brown to tan background so you can effortlessly create natural, iridescent and sunkissed blonde tones on all hair types and textures.

Who Shades EQ Violet Gold is Ideal For:

Shades EQ Violet Gold is ideal for toning natural light or pre-lightened hair to achieve a natural sunkissed finish. Available in level 8,9, and 10, these shades are pre-mixed to perfection. 

What The Pro’s Are Saying:

Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham (@traceycunningham1) describes the new shade family as a “game-changer” for colorists. Tracey says, “Redken just made it easier for colorists to create beautiful, natural-looking blonde tones with the new Shades EQ Gloss Violet Gold Shade Family. The fact that these new shades are pre-mixed is so fabulous for colorists because it means you can save time and tone your blondes with confidence!” 

While Redken x Mizani Brand Ambassador Rachel Redd (@rachel_redd) loves using the Violet Gold family to create “sunkissed blonde looks with lots of shine and definition.” She also loves Shades EQ for the way it conditions the hair. Beyond getting the perfect shade, Rachel tells her clients “hair gloss appointments using Redken Shades EQ are essential in maintaining the tone and shine in the hair!” 



Why Choose Shades EQ?

All Shades EQ formulas are considered “acidic” hair color, meaning that their pH levels are in an acidic state. Whenever you lighten the hair with bleach, it puts the hair into an alkaline state, leaving the hair more susceptible to damage. Apart from creating a beautiful finish, Shades EQ brings the hair back to a more acidic state to protect and condition each strand. With a quick and easy application and a line that is completely intermixable, Shades EQ is the go-to in the salon to ensure seamless results every time. Learn more about the effects of pH on your hair here

The Shades in Action:




Shades EQ Violet Gold Details:

Available in three levels, 08VG (Gilded Taupe), 09VG (Iridescence), and 010VG (Baby) these shades are true-to-level to avoid over-depositing. Their brown to tan background creates the balance needed for a natural-looking blonde with a subtle yet effective violet/gold reflect and are pre-mixed to take the guesswork out of creating the perfect sunkissed blonde.