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Fall 2022 isn’t just about picking hair colors that are low-maintenance or modeled after our favorite celebs, this season's hair color should be tailored to tones that make you feel like the best version of yourself. Whether you’re a natural blonde, brunette, or redhead, below are a few ideas to spark inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

Fall 2022 Hair Color Trends

Oaty Blonde


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An upgrade to a traditional beige-blonde, oaty, and cashmere blondes is making the rounds this season as an alternative to platinum. The tone still takes on much of the neutral to cool everyone loves about platinum but with a more muted level. Think about starting with Redken Shades EQ colors with N, T, or P and then neutralize or warm them up with G. 


Golden Brunette


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Brunette tones seem to take on warmer shades this season. If you’re looking for a way to tone down summer balayage or simply add a touch of interest to your go-to brunette shade, chat with your stylist about adding a touch of gold. This shade can easily create a lit-from-within look that can be tailored to any tone. Adding Redken Shades EQ with Gold undertones can easily create this color. 


Butter Blonde


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If cool or ashy blonde tones aren’t for you, a warm butter blonde tone similar to the Old Hollywood Blonde trend could be the perfect fit. This shade has a slightly yellow undertone which works well on warmer or neutral skin tones. To create a similar look Redken Shades EQ GB or WG are great ways to add warmth. 


Pearly Copper


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Copper tones were everywhere this summer, and as we head into fall, this is a natural color choice. For a fresh take on this trend, you’ll want to opt for regular Redken Shades EQ gloss appointments to add a shiny finish that will help create that perfect pearly vibe. Ask your stylist about adding a touch of AA or CC for best results.