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You’ve seen the look on Instagram and TikTok or perhaps the Red Carpet —  big, smooth, and bouncy with next-level volume in all the right places. While this used to be known as the ‘90s volume, this look has been coined as the bounce blowout and spotted on everyone from Jlo to Zendaya. To get the look you’ll simply need a round brush, a blow dryer, a few carefully selected products and a steady hand. Keep reading for our top tips to achieve the coveted bounce blowout. 

The Prep

From start to finish, this look is all about glamour and a luxurious finish. To start off on the right page, include a shampoo and conditioner targeted to your hair type. 


The Products

No matter your hair type, achieving a voluminous blow dry requires a specific set of products to achieve the look. Redken Big Blowout is the ideal match to add volume and protect against heat damage. This heat-protecting blowout gel guards against temperatures up to 450F and was designed to deliver gravity-defying results. 

Post-shower, simply rub the gel between your hands and apply throughout damp strands and then blow dry as you usually would. It will provide volume, texture, and a bouncy finish while cutting down on frizz and the effects of humidity. 

The Technique

The bounce blowout follows a classic styling technique and can easily be created with a round brush. After deciding between a boar bristle or a ceramic brush, start by using a blow dryer with the nozzle attached and working from the face frame to the nape. 

  • Break down the blowout by beginning at the mohawk section and rotating to each side of the face frame.
  • Use clean sections that match the circumference of your round brush.
  • Dry each section away from the face with over direction.
  • If needed, use a brush set to add curl to the mid and ends of the hair. Simply wrap each section around the brush and allow it to cool or place each section in a pin curl to encourage a slight curl. 
  • Once hair is all dried and cool, apply a light mist of Control Addict 28 or Triple Dry 15 and rake your fingers through to soften the curls. 
  • To refresh volume throughout the day, consider playing with your part or adding Redken Deep Clean Dry Shampoo Jumbo on days 2 and 3.