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Zendaya is an icon and the whole world knows it! She is the one celebrity who is constantly making headlines without having a major controversy. She exudes style, elegance, and beauty in the most effortless ways and has graced our TV screens, big screens, magazine covers, and so much more. 

Constantly switching up her look, Zendaya has rocked Little Mermaid-esque red hair, lengthy box braids, short finger waves, cornrows, and the list goes on! She can and will pull off just about every look in the book, which is why Bangstyle is deeming her the most iconic Style Chameleon of this generation. We’ve done the honors of gathering some of Zendaya’s greatest styles, and have even included a couple of tips on how you can recreate her looks!

Wavy Bob with Full Bangs


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If we’re going to write about Zendaya, we might as well start at the top! At the 2018 Met Gala, Zendaya was able to pull off one of the hardest and most underrated looks of all time; a red, wavy bob with front bangs. This look combines three of the most difficult styles to try and she pulled it all off while wearing a fashionable suit of armor! Her ability to slay elevated ten-fold when she pulled off this Joan of Arc inspired look.

MJ Red


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While long, red hair is classically a look for The Little Mermaid, Zendaya uses this look for her role as MJ in the Tom Holland version of Spider-Man and totally rocks it! Fans always know when filming for Spider-Man begins whenever the paparazzi catches Zendaya sashaying through the streets with this gorgeous red hair. A color like this isn’t easy to maintain, but if you’re up for the challenge, we recommend prolonging the color by using Redken Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner

Platinum Blond Pixie Cut


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Her caption pretty much sums this look up perfectly, “A platinum blonde pixie cut tonight cause why not?” Wow! There seriously isn’t any cut, color, or style that Zendaya cannot wear! This pixie cut stunned everyone on the red carpet because it was such a bold choice. 

Old Hollywood Glam


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Zendaya, AKA Emmy Award-Winning Zendaya Coleman, looked phenomenal in her old Hollywood inspired look for this year’s virtual Emmy Awards. This glamorous up-do was the perfect way to show new Hollywood she means business, and that this award is just the first of many to come.

Red Box Braids 


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Zendaya has already shown us she looks gorgeous with red hair and looks equally gorgeous wearing box braids, so it comes as no surprise that she was able to pull off these red box braids! For all of you who love to wear box braids like Zendaya, keep your braids soft and smooth by applying a small amount of Style Soft Mousse No. 44Y by Keune daily.

Finger Waves


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Zendaya took it back to the Roaring 20s with this look, and we are here for it! These smooth finger waves brought a new sense of maturity and elegance to the young star that turned many heads! She wore this swanky look as she graced the cover of Vogue Magazine.

Sleek Cornrows


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Say it with me, Cornrows are professional! That’s right, Zendaya proved to the world how beautiful, professional, feminine, and elegant cornrows can be despite many misconceptions about this cultural hairstyle - see also The Crown Act. She stunned in these braids for Vogue Magazine while wearing a suit from her personal line with Tommy Hilfiger. 

Pretty in Pink


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And finally, who doesn’t love a throwback of Zendaya’s bubblegum pink look from The Greatest Showman! This musical movie gave us many things, but most importantly it gave us this fun, pink hair and Zendaya’s amazing vocals!


Written By: Sahara