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The celebration of individuality isn’t going anywhere, but just like any season, we’ll see new trends come and go. This season? Even more modernist takes on the most iconic 90s trends. While thin eyebrows and body shimmer might not be your favorite iterations of this era, baby braids, rebel cuts and expertly placed color techniques will be everywhere. 

To get the 411 on the latest color inspirations, take a peek at the spring shades you can look forward to this spring. 

Expensive Blonde/Brunette

Hailey Beiber brought the Expensive Brunette trend onto the scene earlier this year as she opted for a low-maintenance look closer to her natural shade to avoid excess damage. As the season progresses, we’ll she the trend turn to include Expensive Blonde. We’ve seen this shade on iconic blondes like Paris Hilton throughout the years, and will see it resurge this season in all types of tones. 

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your shade, be sure your stylist uses Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside + Shades EQ Bonder Inside to cut down on excess damage and ensure your sensitized hair is cared about from start to finish! 


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Playground Highlights aka Lived-In Color

Similar to the allure of Lived-In color, Playground Highlights are a nod to the shades your hair naturally turned as a child. They are all about creating a lighter level with a bit of pop with subtle placement. These can be created on any level and hair type, it simply needs to be tailored to their base shade. 


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Curlights or curlyage is the best way to give a pop of color to curly clients. When highlighting curls, it is important to cut down on and damage caused during the lifting process. Between this and the placement — both are key to getting the look. For best results, utilize Redken Flash Lift Bonder Inside and a hand painted technique in foils to individual paint curls to create a look that highlights the individual curl patterns. 


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Money Piece / Ribbon Lights

Game for a vibrant color or want to keep your palette to neutral or natural tones, thicker placement of highlights in either a ribbon technique or throughout the face frame section to  create a distinctive money piece will be everywhere. This look is all about a high level of dimension for extra drama and definition. 


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