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All too often, when we start to search for #balayageinspo on Instagram, we find all kinds of beautiful beachy blondes in all their ombre and sombre glory. However, with the latest color trends launching, we’ve found that balayage doesn’t have to be just for blondes. From fantasy colors to deep brunettes and even redheads, as artists, we have to start thinking outside of the box in the way we research, tag and even talk about our balayage.



Let’s start with some of the most exciting colors of the season. Jewel tones have been making a serious comeback this season and deep cerulean blues has caught everyone’s attention. Want to really make your color stand out, add a few touches a purple to the mix as well! When creating a canvas such as this, you’ll want to first start by pre-lightening the hair. Balayage is the trusted choice to create high lift without the extra damage. Then using the same techniques as balayaging with bleach, use alternating colors to “paint” the hair again once more with Redken City Beats. As always, be sure to discuss the history of your client’s hair prior to lifting and upkeep once the service is complete!


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This season, as natural styles made a huge comeback, so did natural hair colors. Staying a little “closer to home” so to speak, clients are embracing their base shade and enhancing it instead of completely changing their look. Due to the fact that communication can sometimes be blurred, it is important to start discussing #BrunetteBalayage and doing so often! This shade is so different from the traditional sunkissed looks seen on most clients because it keeps the hair fully brunette without added blonde areas. Be sure to distinguish between this so we can keep growing our vocabulary and pushing artistic boundaries.  


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Who said you had to go lighter? Balayage traditionally refers to the way in which bleach is “painted” into the hair and this can also refer to the way in which color is “painted” into the hair. Utilizing Redken Shades EQ to add vibrancy is a great way to enhance natural auburn, strawberry blondes, and redheads!


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