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Everyone will have to decide to cover or blend their grays sooner or later. However, gray coverage is not just about the loss of pigmentation, and gray hair can also start to feel dry and wiry because there are fewer natural oils present to hydrate the hair. Finding a solution, Redken developed Color Gels Oils — an ammonia-free permanent hair dye to cover greys and rejuvenate them with shine and condition.

Whether you’re new to liquid color, have plenty of experience with Redken Color Gels  Lacquers 10 Minute or Color Gels Lacquers, or are tried and true fans of Redken Chromatics — we're detailing everything you should know about new Redken Color Gels Oils!

Redken Color Gels Oils: What You Need To Know

Offering both gray coverage and a rejuvenated finish for the hair, this permanent liquid color option is quickly becoming a fan-favorite. From creating rich gray coverage looks to seamlessly blending with your go-to Redken Shades EQ formulas, Redken Color Gels Oils instantly gives you more options behind the chair.

How It Fits Into Your Portfolio

  • Color Gels Oils covers resistant gray or to restore moisture on dry or damaged hair.
  • Color Gels Lacquers 10 Minute is perfect for the client on the go.
  • Color Gels Lacquers is ideal for gray coverage with a lived-in finish.

The Details:

Redken Color Gels Oils are ammonia-free, silicone-free, and fragrance-free for a more pleasant experience for your clients. Formulated with Apricot Oil and offering 100% gray coverage on every single shade, this range delivers rich color results on every texture type as well as resistant gray hair. The unique no-drip formula has hair adhesion, meaning the dye sticks to the hair during the application for more precise results.

In addition to enhancing shine and creating a balanced finish, the entire Redken Color Gels Oils range has a brown to tan background for natural-looking shades. Additionally, all Color Gels Oils have an exact tonal match with Shades EQ, which means you can easily match any Color Gels Oils formulation for mids to ends with Shades EQ.

Apply with a bowl and brush for precision or an applicator bottle for speed — Color Gels Oils easily saturates all hair types. To achieve a variety of lift, formulate with Pro-Oxide Cream Developer accordingly.

  • 10 Vol. for minimal lift.
  • 20 Vol. for gray coverage and standard lift.
  • 30 Vol. to achieve additional lift.
  • 40 Vol. for maximum lift.


The Results:

Redken Color Gels Oils creates 78% more shine* and 30% more condition**, offering up to 100% gray coverage on every shade. 



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*vs. non-conditioning shampoo

**vs. uncolored hair