C6fd53616ddd561173f2 textured twist

The great thing about texture is that once you learn how to manipulate it, you’ll learn that creating session hair is quicker, easier and requires less prep time. Instead of needing to add curls or volume, you have that texture to work with naturally, which makes everything easier. In this shoot, Evie Rivera-Peterson uses her model, Algo’s, natural hair texture to create this beautiful style. She wanted to create a Grace Jones feel to it, which she totally nailed by adding the strong outfit and minimal makeup to her look.


Step 1.  Brush out hair to get a geometric look and add softness alongside the volume.

Step 2. Pull sides back securing them with Tearsheet Matte Powder Grip Pins to add a little flavor to the look. 

For her additional looks we simply added hairpieces with a simple twist on top of her head, securing with pins on top of her original foundation.


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Hair: Evie Rivera-Peterson

Model: Algo Brehane

Photographer: @angelvprado 

Wardrobe: Kara 

Make-up: @robertti