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Conditioning, color, shine — these are just a few of the reason’s why glossing treatments are so popular in the salon. The latest reason why we love them? For their customization! From creating a bespoke finish to their low-commitment, Redken Shades EQ is the best way to quickly and confidently gloss clients looking for a swift change. 

If you’re looking for new ways to modernize your go-to gloss think outside the box with your formulas and placement techniques. By utilizing several formulas, zone toning and being creative with sectioning and placement, you can easily create a high-impact result for any client.

Start with Zone Toning:

For those of you who are new to the concept — zone toning is a process of glossing the hair (post lightening service) by breaking up the head into three simple zones and applying three separate toning formulas for each area. Learn more about that here

Ideally, you’ll want to break up your client’s color by offering a variety of tones at the new growth, mid-lengths and ends, and finishing with a global gloss. To customize this, even more, you can consider breaking up the face-frame area with yet another formula to add dimension.

It’s All About Placement:

Once you’ve decided with your client the direction in color you are taking, start getting creative with your placement. Within each zone, you can add additional subsections to add even more depth and dimension to your color. 

For example: Redken Advocate Conor James Doyle (@conorjmd) recently shared his toning tips in a very informative IGTV on @redken. In this live, he dives into creating various formulas for the new growth, internal, and global glosses while sharing a unique triangle section technique for creating custom depth. 

His tips include: 

  • When applying the formula in Zone 1 (new growth) alternate between 1/2 and inch to 2 inches throughout your sections to create a more natural blend. 
  • As you apply the gloss at the new growth, add a small amount of color to the tip of your tint brush and slightly flick when applying to the hair to create a more feathered application. This will help cut down on any lines of demarcation. 
  • Use triangle sections in Zone 2 (mid-lengths) and apply your gloss in alternating vertical sections, leaving space in between. 
  • Use a combination of weaving techniques in areas of hair that are left unglossed during the triangle application. 

For more information, and to see his techniques in action watch below!



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Alternate Formulas and Finishes

Alongside various levels, Redken Shades EQ also includes various finishes for bespoke color. The Matte family of Shades can be a great addition to adding depth while the new VG’slearn more about the NEW VG’s here — can be instrumental in adding the perfect amount of warmth and shine within highlights. By blending these tones within a single formula or all their own throughout your color, you’ll be able to create a truly custom color from root to tip. 


For more color education and inspiration be sure to catch the latest releases on @redken!