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It’s been a few years since balayage became one of the top coloring services out there, and it’s no wonder why: The subtle hint of color adds a “sun-kissed” effect with minimal maintenance. But who says balayage only works with natural shades? Metallic balayage is slated to be the next major salon trend. Much like traditional balayage, this service seamlessly weaves hints of metallic and iridescent color through your strands. Not sure if you’re ready to hop on the bandwagon? Check out three metallic balayage looks guaranteed to sway you to step out of your color comfort zone.


Secretly loving the rose gold trend but too afraid to take the leap with all-over color? Opt for a subtle hint of rose gold instead. Not only will your color remain wearable for everyday, but the rose gold streaks will instantly add a fun and flirty touch to your overall look.



Put your love of all things shimmery on display with a blend of glimmering aqua, pink and lavender hues. Perfect for those looking to play around with metallic pastels, the seamless color blend will pop when you style your hair in French braids or a sleek pony.



Feeling extra daring this season? “Unicorn hair,” aka a rainbow of opalescent hues, is an easy way to draw all eyes on you. While this style is definitely not for the tone-timid, the multifaceted finish promises to serve as the centerpiece of your look all summer long.

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