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Whether you normally color your hair or not, getting a gloss is the top way to enhance shine and improve the look of your hair — so what do you need to know about this miracle treatment? Keep reading…

What Is A Hair Gloss?

A hair gloss — also sometimes known as a toner or glaze — is a demi-permanent hair color treatment applied by your hairdresser than can work wonders on your hair color. As a demi-permanent service, glosses do not actually lift or lighten the hair, they simply deposit tone and add conditioning qualities or bond repair. The most widely known gloss treatment is Redken Shades EQ, which is also available in certain color families with Bonder Inside for added bond protection and repair.

Why Do I Need A Hair Gloss?

Whether you’re new to coloring your hair or simply have no idea what your stylist is applying at any given time, here are a few key reasons to know what a gloss is and to ask for it in the salon.

Create Shine & Condition

Both Shades EQ and Shades EQ Bonder Inside are well known for their conditioning qualities and above all else, the ability to add shine (you can thank the amino acids present in the formula for the incredible shine). Whether you color your hair or not, Redken Shades EQ is available in a Clear formula, that can add shine and condition to any hair color without impacting your natural tone at all — making it an ideal add-on for any service.

Cancel Unwanted Tones

Redken Shades EQ is most commonly used in the salon to perfect your hair color. A lot of the times after highlighting, hair can naturally present as too warm or too cool, so Shades EQ adds the contrasting color needed to either warm up or cool down the finished tone. If your hair naturally pulls too warm (a.k.a brassy), your stylist might add a slight violet or blue tone to the hair to get a neutral finish. This is similar to how purple shampoo’s work.

Add Pigment

A touch of peach or a hint of pink, sometimes adding a subtle element of color to your hair is exactly what you need, and you’d be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your finished look. By being able to add a hint of color, your stylist is able to truly personalize your look. Just look at how Gold Rose easily enhances blondes and brunettes.

Seals The Cuticle

Following a lightening process, your hair might need help to get the cuticle to lay back down flat. The acidic formulation of Redken Shades EQ is designed to help balance the hair’s pH and bring hair back down from an alkaline state — the reason why the cuticle is raised. A gloss can help seal the cuticle after this process and even help protect the hair from the inside out with the added bond benefits of Shades EQ Bonder Inside.