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As the days begin to get darker sooner, it often feels like we have fewer hours in the day. Either that or the lack of light in the morning is begging us to hit snooze just one more time leaving us with less time for our morning routines. Whichever it is, we can all agree that around this time of year it feels as though we have less time to dedicate to crafting your style.  If you’re looking for a way to get a salon-worthy blowout in less time, we have a few tips to get you there.

Put In The Prep Work

No matter what the task, prepping yourself for success is something that always pays off. This rings especially true for your blowout. Before you even get into the shower, use a paddle brush to gently come through your hair — slowly working from the ends up to your roots to detangle and avoid breakage. Then give your strands a good brush from scalp to ends. This not only feels great for your scalp, it helps disperse natural oils down the shaft of your hair and makes the cleansing process much easier. 

Shampoo X2

From here, choose a shower setting that isn’t overly hot, as high temperatures can cause hair to become overly dry. Then shampoo hair at least twice! This might sound obvious to some, but not everyone abides by this little trick. You want to make sure strands are adequately cleansed without becoming overly stepped of natural oils. 

Never Begin Without Applying Product

One of the most important things you can do for your hair and your blowout is to apply the right products before you begin. If you’re after a speedy blow-dry, we recommend Redken Quick Blowout. Not only does this styler protect your hair from heat (a must-have) it also features a flash drying formula to help you get the results you're after in less time. With the ability to also add nourishment and shine, this is a go-to for anyone looking for gorgeous results and quick! 

Choose Your Brush Wisely

Boar bristle or ionic? Round brush or paddle? We could go on for hours about which brushes to use and when, but for the most part if you have access to an array of brushes, pick a few of them and begin. A paddle brush is a great addition to your style cabinet to dispense product through the hair prior to blow-drying as well as remove excess moisture from the hair. 

You can begin your blowout by working through the hair with a paddle brush before switching to a round brush to create the finesse you’re looking for — this is also a trick that can help speed up your styling. 

Next, a round brush is a must for adding volume, bend, curls and creating that it-factor finish. Ceramic or ionic brushes usually work better for finer hair types to add volume, while boar bristles are essential for thick or highly textured hair that needs more control. 

Don’t Pause Until It’s Dry

Have you ever finished your blowout only to feel like it got frizzy about 5 minutes later? This usually happens when the hair isn’t fully dry. For better (and quicker results), make the most out of sectioning and work in one area until you’re sure it is completely dry. If you’re unable to tell, usually the hair will still feel slightly cold if the hair is still wet. Make sure to work from root to tip with even air flow for best results. 

Finish With A Spritz

Nothing feels better than when you’ve completed your blowout and although it can be tempting to leave it as is, adding a quick spritz of hairspray will actually elongate your style. This is because hairspray will dampen the effects that humidity can have on your style — something that is very prevalent around this time of year. If you don’t normally use hairspray, Redken Triple Pure 32 is a great formula to begin with. With a neutral fragrance and high hold without the crunch, it will lock in your style with flexibility while locking out frizz.