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If there was ever a time to experiment with color, the time is now! Platinum can be your perfect gateway color to open you up to a world full of hues. Because, once you go platinum, you can easily transition to other shades! Keep reading to see our top tips for rocking this shade while keeping your hair happy and healthy!


Getting to the desired level of platinum can be challenging, but once you get there… the possibilities are endless! Lifting your hair to such a light shade means that if you want to tone it silver, add a touch of pink or even a dash of ultraviolet – your hair is ready for whatever tone that comes your way.

We know it’s tricky to achieve this shade, so be sure to start off with the right foot forward.

Ask Your Stylist

Whether you’re a natural blonde or a level 3 brunette, it is important to realize that going platinum blonde is going to be a transition. Be sure to make a plan of attack with your stylist because this process will take patience.

Condition, Condition, Condition.

When you’re a platinum blonde or a variation of a fashion shade, the health of your hair is imperative for a few factors. Length, strength, condition, and shine. The last thing you want to have to deal with once you get your color to the desired shade is chemical breakage. You’ll want to treat your hair with respect and get a trim post-color and be sure to stockpile on the goodies destined to keep your hair looking soft and shiny. 

It Will Help You Stand Out

With winter just around the corner, you may notice most of your friends are toning down their summer highlights and option for a more demure shade this season. Why not go against the grain and stand out amongst your friends? Platinum is a serious commitment, but one that will prove you aren’t afraid to break all the rules.

It’s Less Of A Commitment Than A Cut

The great thing about color is the ability to completely transform a look without cutting your hair. Once you cut your hair, you can’t grow it out. However, hair color is different. You can try on a new shade, essentially seeking out a “new you” and still have the ability to transform back – or to any other shade once you’re there.

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