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Alongside the return of the 90s lob and sleek, blunt styles, one of our favorite go-to looks, the nape knot, is also returning. This is a key style for any time you’re looking for a way to style second-day hair, if your hair isn’t completely dry or if you want to simply get your hair out of your face without completely ruining your blowout. Versatile and easily paired with accessories, find out why this look is a must-have this season and all the ways to make it uniquely your own.

Get The Look: The Nape Knot

The Sleek Knot

The easiest way to embrace a modern, sleek look is by adding a touch of shine. If working from damp hair, be sure to prep hair with Redken Quick Blowout to effortlessly speed up the drying process and then layer with a high-shine leave-in treatment, like Redken Oil for All. Once dry, use a finishing brush to pull hair into a smooth, low pony and secure with an elastic. Then, twist the hair into a bun shape and pin or add another elastic. To finish, add a spritz of Redken Shine Flash for the perfect sleek and shiny nape knot in less time. 

Redken Quick Blowout Redken Oil for All Redken Shine Flash

Knotty, But Nice 

While a sleek look can be great for an event, we love the look of an undone knot to accentuate your style as well. To get this look, you’ll want to add texture to your hair before pulling it back. Prep hair with a texturizer, like Redken Dry Texture and pull hair into a low ponytail, and secure it with an elastic. Then split the remainder of the hair into two separate parts. Wrap and pin each piece around each other, creating a true knot, and secure with a high-hold hairspray like Redken Max Hold Hairspray

Redken Triple Dry 15 Redken Forceful 23

Braid For a Bold Finish

Want an easy way to elevate the common knot? Add a braid! This can be done on dry hair and is a great way to hide any troubled areas like a cowlick or slept-on hair. To get the look prep hair with a spray of Redken Shine Flash to help prevent unwanted flyaways and add shine. Feel free to add a row or side braid and then pull hair into a pony. Working from the base of the ponytail, create a braid or split the hair into two parts to create two. Secure the braid(s), then twist them up around the ponytail and pin them into place. Accessorize with a few strategically placed clips or a trendy barrette and add a final layer of Redken Shine Flash for a truly sparkling finish. 

Redken Shine Flash