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Been dreaming of cutting your hair short but haven’t quite committed to it? Why not test out a new style before making the chop? With this amazing faux bob tutorial from Evie Rivera-Peterson, you can do just that. She transforms her clients long, flowing hair into an adorable wavy bob that you can rock day or night! Read on to see the steps to get the look.


Step 1) On dry hair, apply Redken Full Frame Mousse in sections from scalp to ends, to prime hair for the set.

Step 2) Then do a directional blow dry to give volume and hold to the hair.

Step 3) Curl hair on base with a 1-inch curling iron, then pin with your double prong clips to secure the set. (Remember to use your Tearsheet no bend clips around the hairline so no marks will be left.) Then let the hair cool.

Step 4) Take the pins out and then proceed to brush your set out with your Tearsheet finishing brush, giving the hair that gorgeous beachy wave. 

Step 5) Using a barrel form from Tearsheet tools I rolled up the back of the hair to create a Faux Bob and pinned with Tearsheet 3-inch French pins on each side to secure the form.

Step 6) On the left side of the hair I fanned out 5 Tearsheet grip pins to give a more elaborate finish. Then I followed up with a spritz of Redken Fashion Waves 07 to give a soft moveable hold.


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Behind the scenes at Tearsheet!

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