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Byron Bay has become the ultimate destination for all things design, beauty, food and lifestyle. With a gorgeous backdrop and amazing new companies and designers – like Spell & The Gypsy Collective – it has put itself on the map for the world to see. It is no wonder then that ELEVEN Australia chose this as the backdrop for their latest collection, Byron. “Byron Bay has it all! It’s my home away from home.” Said three times Hairdresser of the Year and Co-Creative Director for ELEVEN Australia, Joey Scandizzo. “I love the laid-back vibe and the chance to sneak in a surf or two. It represents everything that makes me happy. We were able to enjoy nature and create beautiful hair and images that show off our incredible country and us as a brand.”  

As a brand, ELEVEN Australia understands the importance of keeping their brands authenticity to where it evolved. “It’s important for us to keep the ‘Aussie’ in all our shoots, when we are shooting in the studio as well as on location. It’s the essence of the brand we want to bring to life. On behalf of the whole ELEVEN Australia team, we couldn’t be more proud to highlight our country’s natural beauty and also produce a hair campaign that looks uniquely Australian,” said Photographer of the Year and ELEVEN Australia Co-Creative Director, Andrew O’Toole.

Read on to take a peek behind the scenes and learn how to create some of their signature looks – chic styles for the season to come.

Tousled beachside hair - create texture in long locks

  1. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment through damp hair
  2. Apply Sea Salt Texture Spray from roots to ends
  3. Set hair in six to eight plaits in random sections overhead
  4. Gently blow-dry plaits until completely dry
  5. Gently squeeze sections of the plait with a flat iron and allow to cool
  6. Remove plaits and shake hair out with fingers
  7. Spray Give Me Clean Hair Dry Shampoo through mid-lengths and ends for added texture


Unleashed curls - embrace natural hair type and texture & emphasize movement in hair

  1. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment through damp hair
  2. Apply Keep My Curl Defining Cream from roots to ends
  3. Twist hair together in 2-inch sections all over the head
  4. Allow hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser on low speed, high heat
  5. Let hair cool down and tip head over, shake out twists with fingers
  6. Squeeze through a small amount of Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum to enhance separation and tame flyaways 

The undone shag - an update on how to style the most popular cut for summer

  1. Apply Miracle Hair Treatment through damp hair
  2. Apply I Want Body Texture Spray from roots to ends
  3. Gently scrunch hair dry leaving the ends out, concentrating on roots and mid-lengths
  4. When hair is 80% dry, apply a small amount of Frizz Control Shaping Cream and set hair in place 



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Hair Director – Joey Scandizzo

Photographer - Andrew O’Toole

Makeup Artist – Belinda Zollo

Wardrobe – Sophie Hexter