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Shiny, healthy, shade enhancing — the latest and greatest hair color trends tick all these boxes and have proven that clients are looking for low-maintenance colors that complement their most authentic selves. Expensive Brunette was the first of this movement. Born out of lockdown only to thrive the past few seasons, it has sparked many other trends, the latest being Candlelit Brunette.

What is the Candlelit Brunette Hair Color Trend

Candlelit Brunette combines subtle, woven highlights and a warm, glowy shade. It has been seen on celebrities such as Kaia Gerber, Ashley Park, Cara Delevingne, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, and more. This trend focuses on creating a finished look that appears as though it’s being lit up by candlelight. It’s soft and warm and can brighten even the dullest grey days. It’s a way to enhance brunette tones without looking overly highlighted or too global.

How To Get The Look

Now that you know what it is, the critical part is communicating this with your stylist. What is the best way to do that? Bring a picture (or multiple) of what you want. Finding an exact match to your brunette base or the perfect tone of highlights isn't always easy, but having a few images you can discuss will ease the entire process.

Typically, you will want to ask for babylights or finely woven highlights that are only about two levels lighter than your natural tone. If you have curly, coily or thick hair, your highlight placement may need to be slightly thicker to ensure a seamless blend. After lifting, expect your stylist to apply a gloss to perfect the shade and create a shiny finish.



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Tips for Upkeep

For best results, book follow-up gloss appointments for every 6-8 weeks and use a color-safe shampoo between appointments to fight brass and prolong your color.

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