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While lovers of long hair exclaim of its versatility, suitability and fashion credentials, short hair has quietly been gaining momentum, with models cutting off their hair to walk the runways and its virtues being recognized by celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson.

TONI&GUY international artistic director, Cos Sakkas, says short hair gives the wearer the sense of freedom and individuality. “Women are no longer willing to be cloned; everyone wants their own individual style,” he explains. “Your hair is the most important fashion accessory you own but can’t be changed quite so easily as a pair of shoes or a handbag. However, modern hairdressing tools and products, combined with the advice from a professional stylist, means it can be worn in different ways and with different textures.”

So why is short hair having a resurgence? And are you ready to offer cuts to those who have adorned long hair for so many years? “If someone wants to go shorter there are certain things you should consider during the consultation,” says Cos. “Firstly, whose idea is it to go short – the stylist, or has the client brought in a picture? If you are recommending a client cuts her damaged lengths off or suggesting a change in style, put together a style plan over the period of a year so it isn’t a shock from long to short. Take the client on a journey so they enjoy the experience and build their confidence and comfort with you."

“If it is the client wanting to go short, the basics of suitability should be the first thing you assess. Face shape, hair texture, their lifestyle and the ability to maintain the look at home. Recommend color placements and product choice to highlight the focal points of the haircut. When it comes to a short haircut your professional opinion of style and suitability is worth more than the technical cut itself. Only you can say whether it will suit their face and lifestyle or whether something a little longer would be best.”

Cos offers these top tips for cutting and styling short hair

  1. Update your knowledge. Know your foundation cutting techniques and attend a refresher course if need be.
  2. Suitability is key. Understand face shapes and what works with different bone structures. How short should you go? Will a short hair work with a fringe or the natural texture of their hair?
  3. Recommend products. Understand how different products can work on shorter styles and offer advice on finishing the hair effortlessly.
  4. Individual style. Don’t cut hair short to fit into a trend. Short hair is all about individuality but if it doesn’t suit the wearer, advise something that does.
  5. Understand growth patterns. Make sure your haircut will transform as it grows out – clients won’t necessarily return every 6-8 weeks so want to look good during that time. You want them to come back because they want to go shorter, not because it’s grown out looking a mess!

If there’s anyone who can get a woman to voluntarily chop off her hair, it’s a celebrity. And this year offered no shortage of short hair inspiration, from Jenna Dewan’s textured bob to model Cara Delevingne’s pixie cut. Keep reading to discover three above-chin-length styles to test drive this season.

Cara Delevingne’s Posh Pixie


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While the British supermodel is no stranger to shorter locks, she made waves with a piecey crop that offered undeniable early ’00s Victoria Beckham vibes. To mimic the runway-ready look, create a deep side part, then warm up a small amount of label.m Pliable Definer through your palms, then finger style.


Jenna Dewan’s Side-Swept Bob


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Leave it to the “Step Up” stunner to find a way to make short hair look extra glam. Dewan has mastered the art of the “lived-in” bob and is finding reasons to rock it both on and off the red carpet. To achieve that effortless texture, apply the Macadamia Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to damp hair, then gently scrunch the ends to activate your natural curl pattern. Blow-dry hair with a diffuser, then touch up any frizzy areas with a curling wand. Use fingers to gently comb through the waves, then finish with Macadamia Professional Tousled Texture Finishing Spray.


Ashley Tisdale’s Voluminous Shag


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Achieving mega volume on shorter locks can sometimes pose a challenge, but the right cut and the right products can make all the difference. Case in point: Ashley Tisdale’s full-bodied shag. To recreate the actress’s look, apply usmooth Plump Thickening Lotion to damp hair and gently massage it into the roots. Blow-dry hair smooth with a round brush, making sure to twist most of the ends inward to create that chic retro look. Blow-dry any face-framing layers away from your face and finish with usmooth Texture Volume Spray.

Image: Photography by Jack Eames

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