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Hollywood’s biggest names are pros at rocking the undone look on and off the red carpet. Think:    cool, textured strands that look like you rolled straight out of bed. But don’t be fooled—these laid-back styles do require a bit of effort. Read on to learn how master the effortless, “off-duty” look on any hair type.

The Celeb: Liam Hemsworth


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The Look: Short and wavy

The Australian-born actor has perfected the art of undone waves. To give shorter strands a “just-spent-the-day-at-the-beach” look, work a small amount of Reuzel Fiber Pomade through your palms, then run your fingers through towel-dried strands and allow hair to air-dry.


The Celeb: Kit Harrington


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The Look: Voluminous curls

The “Game of Thrones” star’s curly locks always look perfectly disheveled. To achieve maximum body and bounce, blow-dry strands, using your fingers to pull the hair up and back, then rub a small amount of Reuzel Fiber Pomade through your hair to keep curls soft and defined.


The Celeb: David Beckham


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The Look: Long and straight

Beckham has become the king of off-duty styling. Case in point: This smooth, lived-in look. To recreate the style, work a small amount of Reuzel Pomade Red through your palms before applying it to damp strands, then blow-dry, using a round brush to over-direct the hair. Apply additional pomade if more control is desired.

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