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3 Celebs That Nail The “Off-Duty” Look

Hollywood’s biggest names are pros at rocking the undone look on and off the red carpet. Think:    cool, textured strands that look like you rolled straight out of bed. But don’t be fooled—these laid-back styles do require a bit of effort. Read on to learn how master the effortless, “off-duty” look on any hair type.

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Hair Dye, Is It For Every Dude?

From former One Direction member Zayn Malik’s cotton candy strands to pop star Justin Bieber’s platinum locks, plenty of male celebs have experimented with hair color. Sure, dye jobs may be customary in Hollywood, but are they practical for regular guys? Read on to learn three things to consider before changing up your color.

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Gifting Guide for Your Gent

Not sure what to get your guy this holiday season? Forget the cologne and scarf—this year, get him an everyday item that he’ll actually put to good use: hair care products. From shampoo to pomade, we’ve rounded up the top product picks your guy will love to receive under the tree.

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Update Your Grooming Routine for Colder Temps

As the seasons change, so must your hair care routine. Colder weather can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and difficult to style. Read on to learn easy ways to keep your hair in check during the winter months.

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A Style You & Your Mate Can Share

Over the past few seasons, we’ve seen trends ebb and flow and mix and match. Most prominently we’ve seen gender lines blur as men and women share and exchange their styles. This season, one of the top trends we saw popping up everywhere was the slicked back “wet” look. As men grow their hair longer to create the style, women of all lengths have been adopting this trend.

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Fake Your Way to Thicker Hair

Thinning hair is something most guys have to deal with at one time or another. Though there is no magical cure, there are some sneaky ways to create the appearance of fullness. Read on to learn the top tricks to faking thicker strands.

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Is Your Beard Ready for Fall?

Contrary to popular (er… most men’s) belief, growing a beard does not mean abandoning your blade and seeing what unfolds. Behind some of the best beards in the socialsphere lie hours of grooming, precise sculpting and skin care. While we round the corner on the new season to come, we thought we’d give you a few tips of advice from one beard lover to another.

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Fall Style Guide for Men

Men’s hair trends are forever evolving. One minute, effortless, “lived-in” strands are in, the next minute super-sleek looks are commanding attention. This season, a retro revival is in full effect—and the iconic styles of years past are being reinvented in barbershops around the country. Read on to discover the top trends to try out this fall.

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Modern Travel Essentials for Old School Style

Are you an experienced traveller, or just beginning? Whether your travels are long and drawn out or short and quick, you’ll want to pack a few essentials to ensure your hair stays on point no matter the time zone or temperature you’re embarking on.


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