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From former One Direction member Zayn Malik’s cotton candy strands to pop star Justin Bieber’s platinum locks, plenty of male celebs have experimented with hair color. Sure, dye jobs may be customary in Hollywood, but are they practical for regular guys? Read on to learn three things to consider before changing up your color.

#1: Are you patient?

Let’s keep it real: Most guys want to be in and out of the salon within 20-30 minutes. Coloring your hair does take time, especially if you plan on lightening your locks. Before you take the plunge, ask yourself if you’re willing to devote an hour to your color appointment every time you visit the salon.

#2: Can you commit to regular salon visits?

Though hair color can always grow out, the only way to keep it looking fresh is to get it touched up every 4-6 weeks. Check your schedule and see if you have the time to make the color commitment.

#3: Are you really ready to change up your look?

It may sound obvious, but people will most likely notice that you dyed your strands, so you have to be comfortable with them asking about your new style. The good news: Hair color doesn’t last forever, and even if you hate the results, you can either dye your hair back to your natural shade or simply cut off your locks.

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