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Lob's have never been more in, and with summer right around the corner - colors are lightening up! Colortrak shows us how to lighten up a lob with this Painted Blonde Lob tutorial! Check out the steps to get the look!

This week we have a special guest post by the talented Ricardo Santiago. Follow his steps below to achieve this beautiful painted blonde lob. Ricardo Santiago is an Independent Studio Salon Owner and Joico Advisor/Educator with over 10 years of experience based in Orlando, FL. You can see more of Ricardo’s work on Bangstyle & Instagram @stylistricardosantiago 

1. Divide the hair into quadrants secured by your Croc Clips. Beginning at the nape, take diagonal sections angling into a downward V.

NOTE: Use your Colortrak Cling Free Haircoloring Film to separate each section vs. plastic wrap. The cling free feature of this film makes work a breeze without the hassle of using sticky plastic wrap.

2. Continue taking diagonal sections in 1/2-3/4” inch sections until sections reach about 2.5″ in width, still painting with your Feather Bristle Brush from the outside to the center.

3. Around the occipital area, you will start to take 3 sections versus 2, bridging the diagonal sections with a horizontal section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When using a paddle or board, the moment you press onto the board with your brush, you will create an “impact zone” where your lightening is more bold.

4. Carry the diagonal sections up the rear quadrants continuing to bridge the diagonal sections with a horizontal section.

5. When moving to the front quadrants, change to a diagonal forward application around the temple, over the ear section, and pivot to a horizontal section, as you work up to a diagonal back again.

6. Where the quadrants meet try your best to mirror the painting method/pattern for a balanced, more uniform finish.

FINAL NOTE: For a high gradient and blended finish, start painting high with a light back-stroke or feathering application.

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