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Sometimes keeping up with the “hottest trends” might feel like Whac-a-mole. Short one-length bobs one day and length and layers the next. Not to mention the endless amounts of hair color trends that make it into the feed on the daily. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with reinventing your style or trying out something new — sometimes your tried and true look might be just what your stylist ordered. 

Stress Causes Us To Make Rash Beauty Decisions

When we’re stressed or craving a change in our personal lives, our hair is usually the first place we turn to shake things up — who else has chopped their hair off after a breakup? The reason why we often turn to our hair for answers is that it's something we can control when it feels as if the external world and your existential crisis can’t be reigned in. 

TikTok Made Me Do It

Apart from emotional events, a big reason individuals of all ages change their hairstyle is because of an outside factor like TikTok. We’ve seen challenges watch transformations and are constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest. The problem is, sometimes a look that is complementary to one person might not be the best choice for everyone. In addition to this, we’re seeing a lot of “hair fails” or transformations that have gone awry when you try and cut your bangs or give yourself highlights at home. Trust us — besides styling, these things should really be left to the professionals. 

A Change Gives You Something To Talk About 

You wouldn’t be the first person who got baby bangs out of sheer boredom (or accident). Sometimes the process of talking about a change beforehand with your friends or stylist and then the fallout from said choice simply gives you something to talk about — an experience to have. 

The Case For Keeping Your Signature Style

There might be a reason why you always default to waves for special events or a bronzed face and winged eyeliner for a night out with the girls. These looks not only bring a sense of comfort, but they most likely also highlight your best assets and feeling confident in yourself is one of the best styles you can wear. 

In addition to being talented, there’s a reason why most of us remember Farrah Fawcett or Brigitte Bardot for their style — because it was a signature look that truly suited them and made them stand out as individuals and as beauty icons. 

If you’re tired of your look, first experiment with a new up style or finish — if you’re begging to go back to your signature look you might find your answer before chopping off all your hair or dyeing your strands an extra special shade of pink.