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Finally! The time has arrived when curls and texture are cool. Not just a little cool, like mainstream with commercials and banners begging you to embrace your natural texture cool. Albeit confusing, after all the years of smoothing and straightening products we’ve been told to use….it’s an exciting time for those of us with waves for days!

Now, the big questions come into play like, I have been straightening for years and have kinda ruined my previously beautiful curls. Or, I don’t actually know HOW to do my hair if I am not straightening it. Not to worry, we can help.

First, we need to revitalize your hair! No more fighting with it, and you can put away the flat iron. It’s time to be NICE to your hair. To give nutrients and a healthy look back to your natural texture, it may be time to add a nourishing masque to your routine. Try the Nourishing Moisture Masque from Macadamia Professional. It’s a great hydrating masque that will help reconstruct and revive hair.

If you aren’t ready for a masque, or have baby fine hair, try adding a lightweight leave-in like the Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist. Adding this to your routine will help boost the elasticity and repair your hair using Macadamia’s PRO OIL COMPLEX of Macadamia and Argan Oils, Collagen, Silk Amino Acids, and Quinoa.

Now… the good stuff: styling your hair by embracing your texture! Let’s start from step 1, right out of the shower. Comb in a leave-in, or just comb/brush your wet hair. Scrunch the moisture out with a towel; try not to “towel” all over your hair though, as it can create stress on the texture, resulting in frizz. Most of us with curls (or waves) prefer to air dry. Add a curl enhancer like Activating Curl Cream by scrunching the product into your hair. You can layer a gel or frizz reducer for hold and styling assistance.

If you have been straightening for a while, your curls/waves/texture may need time to restore itself. Twist small sections to add a level of curl or uniformity to your hair. Now, simply air dry or blow dry using a diffuser for added volume.

There are a host of other fun products to explore…. Like curl tamer, Taming Curl Cream for the textured hair prone to frizz. To finish the perfect look, we love a good pomade or finishing cream like Whipped Detailing Cream scrunch, dry and use this for pieced, textured ends.

The moral here… love your texture. It’s SO in style. And we are here to help you achieve that gorgeous hair everyone will be jealous of!