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Caring for curly hair isn’t easy, especially during the wintertime. Chilly conditions can leave hair feeling brittle and dry, while unexpected humidity from sudden rainstorms can cause unmanageable frizz. Read on to discover easy ways to keep your curls in check during the colder months.

Tip #1: Use more product

Staying indoors with the heater on can be extremely drying to curly locks. Increase the amount of product you use when styling to keep hair soft and hydrated.

Tip #2: Break out the diffuser

Unfortunately, to avoid sickness, air-drying is pretty much out of the question during the colder months. The good news: A diffuser can give you the bouncy, frizz-free curls of your dreams. For best results, turn the blow-dryer to a high-heat, at a low-speed setting, then flip your hair over your head, allowing your curls to gently fall into the diffuser, then let the diffuser do all the work. The more gentle you are with your locks, the better they will look.

Tip #3: Deep condition often

Dry and cold temps will leave your spirals in desperate need of hydration. For coarse, textured hair, apply the Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Masque 1-2 times a week. This moisturizing formula delivers moisture, repairs damage and strengthens hair elasticity to prevent future breakage. Follow with the Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moisture Oil Treatment to lock in hydration and prevent frizz. Another tip: Apply a tiny amount of the oil to your ends before bed to prevent breakage.

Tip #4: Wash less

Because curly hair is dry, you should only shampoo about once or twice a week. So how do you keep curls intact while you sleep? Try the “pineapple” method: Flip your hair over, then gently pull it into a high ponytail at the top of your head, thus creating a look of a pineapple. Then secure the ponytail with a scrunchie. In the morning, spritz a few drops of water onto your hair and use your fingers to gently separate and scrunch your curls. Apply a dime-size amount of Macadamia Professional Taming Curl Cream to locks and you’ll be ready to head out the door.

Tip #5: Schedule a trim

Unlike those with straight or wavy hair, curly girls can go around 10-12 weeks between trims. But don’t push it too much—dead ends will result in flat, lifeless locks. Regular salon visits will help curls maintain their bounce all winter long.


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