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Breathe New Life Into Your Curls

Managing second-day curly hair isn’t easy. From unruly frizz to odd kinks and dents, it can be tempting to skip the styling and simply throw your ringlets up into a messy topknot for the day. Luckily, with a few powerhouse products and the right technique, you can restore body, bounce and shine with minimal effort. Read on to learn how to revive second (or even third) day curls in three easy steps.

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Foolproof Ways to Amp Up Your Waves

Ready to embrace your natural texture in the New Year? Set yourself up for success with the right products and techniques for your hair type. Read on to discover the top steps to implement into your routine to create the “lived-in” waves of your dreams.

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Curl Tips for the Drop in Temps

Caring for curly hair isn’t easy, especially during the wintertime. Chilly conditions can leave hair feeling brittle and dry, while unexpected humidity from sudden rainstorms can cause unmanageable frizz. Read on to discover easy ways to keep your curls in check during the colder months.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Natural Texture

Did you know that some curly girls would rather give up pizza for life than to stop using hot tools? Crazy, right? When it comes to hair, the saying “You always want what you can’t have” rings true: Women with fine, stick-straight strands crave texture and body, while those with wavy or curly locks will do just about anything to achieve smooth tresses. No matter what kind of texture you have, it’s time to put down the styling tools and start embracing the hair you were born with. Read on to discover three reasons why you should learn to love your natural texture.

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Best Ways to Wash Curly Hair

Curly girls know the struggle of wash day. Cleansing your hair is more than simply hopping in the shower; it’s a combination of the right products and techniques to ensure that your hair won’t result in a frizzy, poufy mess. Still struggling with your wash routine? Read on to find out the correct way to cleanse curly strands.

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3 Reasons Why a Protein Treatment Will Change Your Life

Think of protein as the number one building block in your body. It’s essential for your overall health and an absolute must for healthy hair. But not all protein-packed treatments are created equal—and if you’re not careful, some can leave your strands feeling ultra-dry and brittle. Read on to learn how to update your style routine to care for your hair...

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The Curly Girl’s Guide to Low-Maintenance Styling

Curly girls face a constant struggle every morning: allow strands to air-dry or whip out the trusty blow-dryer and flat iron? While letting your natural curls do their thing may seem like the obvious (and less damaging) option sometimes embracing your natural texture is easier said than done. The good news? Rocking your natural texture doesn't have to be a time suck. Read on to find out the easy ways to embrace your curls with minimal effort.

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How to Curl Naturally Curly Hair

Curling naturally curly hair may seem a little redundant, but it can actually be an easy way to achieve “I-actually-woke-up-like-this” curls. Read on to find out how to get the spirals of your dreams in just a few easy steps.

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Best Braids for Curly Hair

Curly- and wavy-haired women, consider yourselves lucky—your natural texture is the key to achieving effortless, voluminous braids. Unlike those with fine or straight hair, you can braid your strands as much as you like while still maintaining a full look. However, not all braids are created equal, and if the style is too taut or complex, you could end up sacrificing your gorgeous curl pattern. Read on to find out how to achieve the best braid for your hair type.


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