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Entering competition work is a great way to learn new techniques, push your boundaries, inspire new ideas and grow as an artist. Whether you’re just starting our or have entered competitions before, by thinking outside the box and learning about the design elements that go into competition work, you can easily take your work to the next level. In preparation for the 2021 Beauty Envision Awards (BEA), it can be a great idea to learn more about the principles of design as you create your collection. Offering expert knowledge, Wella Professionals Artist Erik Thrane @erik.wella takes us through various tips, tricks and techniques for competition work. 



Principles of Design

Everything from interior design to fashion and beauty deal with the principles of design. The ones we’re discussing below in regards to competition work are: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, and Stylize.  


It is important to concentrate on and develop lines within your finished look — these can be straight, or curved and fall on any angle from horizontal to vertical and everything in between. The lines throughout your work create a beginning and an end and serve the purpose of pointing the viewer’s eye in a deliberate direction. By identifying a focal point, you can then begin to create your lines to draw the eye there or point to other areas of interest.  


Think about the overall shape or silhouette you’re trying to emulate. This could be a circle, square, triangle or anything in between. From there start creating a plan to create the look, this can be through the cut, styling techniques and the use of product.  

Whenever you are shooting, Erik suggests always starting out with a slimmer curl or texture and building from there. This because, on set it is easier to add to your shape to make it bigger or expand it, however, it is not as easy to make slim again. Additionally, when on set, shoot photos throughout the process and as you begin to expand the shape. This way you have various options to pick from at the end of the day.


The use of color, or the absence of it, can further enhance or change your entire finished piece. Color can be deliberately placed to emphasize lines and movement or create illusions. By working in layers of color, you can then use styling to change the finished look based on where the original placement is. Erik adds that even by staying in the same color family, changing the levels can be super impactful in a finished piece. 


There are many different interpretations to the use of texture. Within design, there is the main difference between the visual texture and tactile texture and within the world of hair the possibilities are endless. When creating a finished image for competition work it is all about working with visual texture (shiny versus matte), because the audience cannot feel this medium through the image, rather only the effect of it. By utilizing an array of texture patterns within your style, you can also help draw an eye to an area by juxtaposing between shapes and matte versus shiny texture. 


When designing, the value represents how light or dark elements of a photo appear, which is often used to create contrast or juxtaposition within an image. By changing the hair color, shapes of a cut or styling, you can easily change the entire value of the finished look. 


The makeup and wardrobe for a finished look should emphasize the hair without taking away from it. At the end of the day, you must remember what the end goal and objective is and in this case, it is showing off your hair skills. In addition to makeup and wardrobe, your choice of product can greatly alter the entire look and finish. Prior to shoot day, be sure to experiment with various products so you are able to make quick changes and further elevate the look.


The 2021 Beauty Envision Awards are now open for entry and take place on August 15, finalists will compete live at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, pending COVID-19 regulations and guidance at that time, to showcase their talents across 13 diverse categories. Learn more about the awards at www.beautyenvisionawards.com and by following @WellaHairUsa and @WellaEducation on social media.