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Out with the old and in with the new! As we enter a new decade, there’s no better time to take a good hard look at your hair routine and decide what stays and what goes. Whether you’ve got a stockpile of products you just don’t use anymore, or if your look is simply changing, now’s the time to start fresh. 

Here, we’ve put together some tips for detoxing your hair routine and achieving your best, healthiest strands yet! 

Toss Expired Products

Hair products don’t last forever. If you’ve been hanging on to the same product for years, it’s time to say goodbye. While every product is different, most experts agree that unopened products have an average expiration date of three years. Once opened, a product’s shelf life decreases dramatically to about 12 to 18 months. It may be possible to continue using products longer than this, but consider: if you haven’t been using a product for that long, does it really fit your style anymore? It might be time to ditch it in favor of something new. 

Address Texture Changes 

Over time, your hair texture can change. This can happen for a variety of reasons—collagen loss, aging, hormone fluctuations, changes in diet, and even environmental factors, like increased pollution. To effectively address hair texture changes, you’ll need to get to the root of the issue. 

If you think aging might be a factor, consider adding a product rich in amino acids to your regular routine. This can drastically improve moisture and enhance smoothness and shine. If hormonal or dietary changes are the cause, you may want to consider taking a supplement designed to boost hair health or add essential nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids, to your diet.  

Remove Product Buildup 

To remove product buildup, which often occurs between washes, look for a specially formulated clarifying shampoo, like MAXI.WASH from KEVIN.MURPHY, which has anti-pollutant properties to help reduce buildup and promote a healthier scalp and strands. We also recommend a weekly hydrating and repairing treatment, like RE.STORE, to add extra moisture to your strands. 

kevin murphy maxi wash kevin murphy re.store mask

Avoid Over-Processing 

Heat styling, bleaching, relaxing, and harsh handling can all lead to fried, frizzy, and over-processed hair. Give your strands a break by ditching the hot tools and opting for low-maintenance styles and color. Rather than an all-over lift, ask your stylist for a “face frame,” which adds instant brightness, minus the damage. Or, opt for a gloss, which boosts shine and adds a protective barrier by sealing the cuticle, eliminating frizz, and protecting strands from harsh environmental elements. 

Say Goodbye to Stress 

Ever feel like you’re losing more hair than usual when you’re under immense pressure? You’re not alone! Studies show that stress not only affects your mind but your body, as well. 

There are countless health benefits to reducing stress, including healthier, happier strands. As you enter the new year, focus on reducing stress and practicing self-care. Eat well, drink plenty of water, get more sleep, and incorporate moderate exercise into your weekly routine. Take the time to take a break and do what makes you happy, whether that’s spending time you’re your loved ones, getting outdoors, running a relaxing bath, or simply setting down your phone.