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Chances are if you have Instagram – you’ve heard of, seen a hashtag for, or listened to an Instastory all about “self-care.” This buzzy new term is more than just a hashtag for when you take a selfie wearing an eye mask or a flower-laden bubble bath. Self-care is the new Hygge – it is a term, an action, a movement made specifically for one’s self. Designated to treat, love and care for your skin, hair, nails, body, soul and inner being, “self-care” are moments throughout the day, week or month made for self-indulgence.

You can practice small moments of this throughout the day  - by lighting a candle, making an extra special matcha, or spending a few extra moments massaging your face oil into your skin. Most commonly we’re seeing the onset of dry brushing, deep conditioning hair treatments and aromatherapy become popular yet again. From food to travel, quiet time or reading – the purpose is to realize and acknowledge these moments (doing them for yourself and no one else) and to spend a little time with yourself practicing each one.

A few of our favorite ways to practice self-care:

  • Start with your hair – how good does it feel when your hair is soft, smooth and perfectly put together? Start off with a great deep conditioner before your blowout.
  • To hit two birds with one stone, apply a revitalizing eye mask as you style your hair.
  • Once you’ve finished your style, pick one of your favorite nail polish shades and give yourself an at-home manicure.


Sometimes looking good is the first step to feeling great. Stay tuned for even more tips and tricks to get your self-care routine on track!