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Dry shampoo is a busy girl’s dream. Not only does it hide greasy roots and allow you to go longer in between washes, it also restores volume and brings your hair back to life. But, rescuing second-day hair isn’t the only trick this miracle product can do. So, pick up a trusty bottle of a dry shampoo ( like KEVIN.MURPHY FRESH.HAIR for its moisturising ingredients) and read on to find out the top 7 dry shampoo hacks that will change your life.

Hack #1: Add texture.

Perhaps the second most common use, dry shampoo adds a little grit to clean strands, perfect for those with fine or super-silky hair. Spritz dry shampoo into your tresses before curling and your waves are bound to stay around longer.


Hack #2: Disguise roots.

If it’s been a little too long since your last salon visit, spray a tinted dry shampoo at your roots to cover up any fading.


Hack #3: Add volume.

Hair looking a little flat? Apply dry shampoo to your roots, then gently massage it in (pushing up and out) with your fingers.


Hack #4: Help bobby pins stay put.

Spray dry shampoo onto bobby pins to give them extra grip before you put them in your hair.


Hack #5: Give bangs extra lift.

Nothing looks worse than bangs plastered to your forehead. Lift bangs off your forehead, then spray the underside of your bangs with a little dry shampoo.


Hack #6: Style your hair as you sleep.

Apply dry shampoo to throughout hair, then braid your strands before you go to sleep. In the morning, you’ll have loose, cool-girl waves with medium hold and volumised roots.


Hack #7: Separate your curls.

If your curls are looking clumped, separate them with your fingers and spray dry shampoo to keep them from sticking together.

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