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Have you taken the plunge and dyed your hair? It was probably great for the first few days, but now you might be feeling the added stress of color care. Try swapping out a few items or adding a new technique to your routine to greatly improve the way your hair feels and styles.

Bleach Blonde

Channeling your inner Pete Davidson? Sure this style made its rounds in the 90s and mostly stuck to the tips, but this season all over lighteners are making a splash on the scene. We’ve seen more and more men opting for drastic transformations such as these. Whether you’re sticking with blonde or adding in a fashion shade, bleached hair needs extra TLC. First things first, leave it to a professional, especially when it comes to bleach. Then, add a moisturizing shampoo to your routine and a conditioner! We know you usually skip that stuff, but this is key for your new color.

Our Pick: Daily Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner


Do You Blow Dry?

Blow-drying is single-handedly one of the best ways upgrade any style, however, it can also leave your hair feeling drier than normal. In order to save your strands, be sure to apply a styling aid before busting out the hot tools. Adding this to your routine is a great option whether you’ve dyed your hair or not!

Our Pick: Grooming Spray

Add A Second Shampoo

You’re off to a great start by including a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner duo into your routine, but to really keep your color looking and feeling great, you’ll want to add a second shampoo. If your color is on the lighter side (either blonde or highlighted) adding a toned shampoo will help keep brassy tones at bay. Another great way to keep color looking its best is by utilizing a clarifying shampoo. Product build up can tarnish shades so using a deep cleaning product will let your true tone shine through.

Our Picks: Gray Shampoo and Power Cleanser Style Remover


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