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2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the first-ever Digital Earth Day! Now more than ever, we are aware of the everyday impact we have on the environment around us. Amidst a global pandemic, movement has slowed and the air has cleared, but there is still a great deal of work to be done. Aware that we are all dependent on the same earth for survival, this simple truth has shaped the way in which KEVIN.MURPHY has developed its brand from the beginning.

“I have always been passionate about environmental issues, but it wasn’t until I created my first line of products that I really became aware of just how much harm the production processes of any product can have upon the environment.”  – Kevin Murphy

Learn more about the choices KEVIN.MURPHY makes as a brand and how you can do your bit!

The Choices We Make


Ocean Waste Plastic Packaging

As one of our most important initiatives, O.W.P (Ocean Waste Plastic Packaging) is helping move the beauty industry toward a more sustainable future. As the first brand to do this, KEVIN.MURPHY is using 100% Ocean Waste Plastic for its product packaging. This choice will save a projected 360 tons of plastic from the ocean each year. 

Learn more about O.W.P here:


The Ingredients

Creating products with a conscious; what goes into the bottles is just as important as what the packaging is made from. From the very beginning, KEVIN.MURPHY has developed products with natural ingredients that are paraben, sulphate, and cruelty-free. With special attention to where ingredients come from, KEVIN.MURPHY selects sources that are renewable and harvested in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.  

Partnerships with Purpose

Apart from The Choices We Make, KEVIN.MURPHY is also proud to partner with Green Circle Salons and ECOHEADS to promote resources for salons and stylists to give back to the environment. 

Green Circle Salons is a salon program that provides sustainable waste management solutions. From recycling foils and hair clippings to innovating reuse ideas, this initiative cuts down on unnecessary daily salon waste, moving toward a greener future. 

ECOHEADS is an innovative device that instantly cuts down on water consumption without sacrificing water pressure or effectiveness. As one of our most precious resources, water consumption is a pressing topic that needs to be addressed. ECOHEADS saves up to 98 gallons of water in a single basin and uses up to 65% less water than regular showerheads. 


If you’re curious about ways you can help cut down on consumption and waste, try out the GREEN.SALON tool from KEVIN.MURPHY. This virtual salon tool shows you the steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and the overall effect you have on the environment. 

While beach clean ups and in-person events are on hold this Earth Day, we still want to see what you’re doing at home to help cut down on the impact. From reusing your favourite KEVIN.MURPHY bottles, to creating better recycling and reusing habits at home be sure to share with us how you’re making a difference this year!