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If you’re anything like us, you’ve already binged Season 2 of Emily in Paris and have been dreaming about croissant, the Tour De Eiffel, and Gabriel… Apart from longing for a one-way ticket to Paris, the show has also left us seriously infatuated with the characters’ style. So, which character embodies your style?
Have thick, healthy long locks like Emily? Craving a subtle wave like Camille? Or thinking about highlights like Sylvie? Gabriella Agrusa, from Blushes, Cheltenham, says: “For us, hair starts with so many more factors than the hair itself; we believe in starting with the person, rather than the hair. Our consultation starts with factors such as skin tone, eye colour and facial architecture to determine the shape and length of the cut. Combining this with personal style, any hairstyle has to wear well with who you are as a person and your fashion sense.”

So, which tribe are you? 


Emily’s hair colour and shape perfectly complement her skin tone and facial shape. It sits best in a central parting, allowing the weight to be evenly distributed, highlighting her symmetrical face. The tone is a natural- warm brown, which complements her hazel eyes and pale complexion. This all brings focus to the eyes and softens the angularness of her facial structure. 

For hair like Emily’s:

  • Blunt lines are great, the ends are chunky and uniform and the lack of layering allows for easier styling. Prep hair for smooth waves with L’Oreal PLI Thermo Modelling spray on towel dried hair, even the most stubborn of hair will bend to your will after a liberal spritz of this pre-blow dry!
  • Introduce some light layering throughout to distribute the weight of those heavy ends and give your hair that swishy feeling. Book in for a  big, bouncy blow dry, with a little root volume with the help of L’Oreal Volumetry spray for the ultimate 90’s Bombshell look.
  • A collar-length Lob will suit this hair texture too, parted central giving you the option of flicking over to either side for a change of pace. Styling wise, accentuate the health and shine of your hair with a smoothing blow dry fluid such as Kérastase Incroyable Blowdry giving you a dose of heat protection and the added bonus of smoothing flyaways. 



Camille’s hair is pure Parisian Chic; relaxed, casual and never anything too try-hard. Her blonde is creamy, working perfectly with her soft peaches and cream skin tone making us question whether she’s got a really great colourist, or whether it’s natural. Her haircut is one that is easily recreated in the salon, it’s soft, the ends have been carefully sliced through to give the impression of it having been lived-in.


For hair like Camille’s:

  • It’s classically Parisian, your go-to here for both health and look is to allow your hair to air-dry and spend a little time flicking it back and forth out of a parting for a wearable everyday look. Scrunch a little of L’Oreal Rebel Pushup powder mousse into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair when towel-dried, follow through with a paddle brush or a wide-tooth comb and leave to allow the natural texture to shine through! 
  • Try a low bun like Camille from season one, it’s neat, but not slicked-back. A great “I’m on my way to the office” look if your hair is medium length. Grab your can of L’Oreal Air Fix Anti-Frizz and douse both your palms with it, then smooth down any pesky fly aways from the parting and secure into a low ponytail. Repeat the hairspray trick for smoothing down the ponytail and twist until you can create a bun at the nape of the neck. 



Sylvie’s hair is on the finer side and is a great example of how much bounce and movement you can achieve when using the right products. As we age our hair naturally tends to get finer as our body stops processing essential nutrients so efficiently, and our hair growth phase slows as our hair follicles shrink. A great way to combat this would be following a scalp-specific, anti-fall shampoo and conditioning routine, such as Kérastase Genesi range, designed to help prolong the resting phase of the growth cycle.


For hair like Sylvie’s:

  • Ask your stylist for invisible layers, something us stylists tend to do once we’ve cut the basic shape of the hair and dried it so we understand the natural texture, and can see how the hair now falls. It’s done visually, working to create subtle movement in the hair by adding in internal layers that don’t take away too much of the weight. 
  • When it comes to styling, before you add any heat always use heat protection. Finer hair is more susceptible to damage as the individual strands are not as robust. Products that promote density and volume are going to be your BFF, they’re also the best things for making sure your hair holds its style. Dust off those rollers, nothing else gives you volume quite like it when styling at home. For a quick fix, you will need five rollers, using both mousse and a root volume spray. Finish with L’Oreal Air Fix, shake hair upside down into it falls into place in a bouncy formation and hey presto!