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This year, trends focus on humble hair color, finding cuts that work for our hair types, and the best ways to wear our natural hair texture. Whether you’re looking to switch up your shade or find a new silhouette, we’re detailing some of the top tips to get you there by enhancing your natural texture. If you're looking for even more expert techniques, check out the latest Wella Education has to offer with its Curl Certification Program consisting of virtual and in-person seminars that explore all things curls. 

Enhance texture with warmth

Color trends have warmed up in 2023, making copper one of the go-to shades for all texture types. Whether working on natural hair, wefts, or wigs, the key to making this look work for your texture is finding a level of lift that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the hair. By choosing tones and products that look after the hair from the inside out, like Wella Professionals BlondorPlex lightener and Wella Professionals Color Fresh Masks, you can be sure natural texture — whether curly, coily, or wavy — remains defined.


Products used to get the look:



Products used to get the look:


Use a structured cut to balance natural texture

Whether you’re after a super short crop or want to have fun with your length, juxtaposing your natural texture with defined lines and structure within a cut can help balance the finished look. For short styles that want to make a more obvious statement, adding a splash of color is a great way to stand out.


Products used to get the look:


Products used to get the look:


Embrace Protective Styles

There are an abundance of hairstyles that protect hair from excess damage, encourage hydration, and promote length. One of the most popular protective hairstyles is braiding. From box braids to cornrows and knotless braids — there are endless ways to enhance your style. No matter what style you decide on, for best results, it all comes down to the prep and products used in the hair to create the final look. For best results, look for products that enhance moisture while promoting a frizz-free finish.


Products used to get the look:


Find smooth styles that work for your hair type

Hairdressers will often cut or color hair based on how the client wears their hair. The test of a great haircut or color is when you can wear your hair smooth or natural and love it either way. When thinking about hair color, finding products that promote healthy hair and shiny results are paramount.

To create this look, Wella Professionals BlondorPlex and Wella Professionals Color Touch were key elements. BlondorPlex is a lightener that also contains built-in bond builders to look after the integrity of the hair while lifting. Followed by Color Touch, a demi-permanent hair color line with up to 70% grey coverage, it lasts up to 24 shampoos and provides high-impact, intense shine.



Products used to get the look:


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