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Every curly client has been through ups and downs over the years when it comes to styling their hair. Long gone are the days of weekly blowouts or monthly relaxer retouches — curly clients are opting for refreshing new ways to wear their natural pattern. Whether you’re looking to transition or simply refresh your routine, we’ve got a few expert-approved tips to care for your curls.

Less Is More

Naturally curly hair has a tendency to lack moisture and therefore be susceptible to damage. By washing your curly hair less often, you’ll allow natural oils to condition the strands. Depending on your exact hair type, pick one or two days of the week and designate them as your “wash days”. In the interim, utilize products like dry shampoo at the roots and oils throughout your ends to ensure balance and definition.

Weekly Treatments

Make self-care a weekly or biweekly occurrence with the addition of a deep conditioning treatment either at home or in the salon. Ask your stylist to tailor a professional grade treatment in the salon and pick out a few at-home options to help moisturize curls in between. For the ultimate at-home experience, wash thoroughly with Wella Professionals Nutricurls Shampoo, wring out excess moisture and apply Wella Professionals Nutricurls Deep Treatment for Waves & Curls, then wrap in a towel or a shower cap and allow to sit for at least 20 minutes. The warmth from your head will help the mask penetrate the cuticle and give long-lasting effects.


Nix Heat Styling

This is one everyone can get on board with. By opting for an air-drying routine, it will save you time and help improve the condition of your hair as well. From curl plopping to braids or Bantu knots, there are countless ways to ensure a seamless finished style sans heat. Over time, you’ll also notice that the definition of your curls improve as frizz decreases and you’re left with a more nourished feel. 

Consistent Trims

Although an inch can feel like a mile when getting your curly hair cut, frequent trims will help your hair grow in the long run. By adding layers or a small amount of texturization, stylists are able to help influence a silhouette by improving the way your hair dries naturally.