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Everyone from Bradley Cooper to Zayn Malik has been testing the waters of the beard pool; letting their facial hair grow out to match their shaggy new style. We’ve seen trends bounce back and forth with the slide of a razor, or lack thereof, and have seen the latter begin to circulate again this season. Have you dipped your toes? Read on to find out the top ways to master facial hair.

Trim As You Grow

The misconception when growing out your hair is that you just don’t touch it. This isn’t true when growing out hair and the same goes for the beard. Just like when growing out hair, your ends need trims to help your hair stay healthy and also probably to keep your other half sane. While the beard grows, you’ll need to invest in a trimmer. Start experimenting with the attachments so you’re able to keep a proper shape. If this all seems too much, you can always make your way to a local barber or stylist to have them lend a helping hand (and buzzer).

Keep It Controlled

With the addition of the beard and all of the shaping that ensues, you’ll need to also keep your hair in check. If you’re going for the long and shaggy all over, keep you ends neatly trimmed and try a few of these tricks to keep the chaos in control.

Prep Your Skin

Another great way to shape up is by outlining your beard, keeping the cheeks and neckline shaved. You’ll want to prep the skin for an easy slide and reduction in irritation by applying American Crew Precision Shave Gel, to ensure you clean up exactly what you want to without going too far. Be sure to follow up your mini shave sesh with American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion to make sure the beard is up and running in no time!

Still want that beard? Pick up these shaving supplies to ease your transition and keep your facial hair in prime condition.

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